Monday, May 26, 2008

Get Out Your Pencil. Pop Quiz.

This is my girl, Trudy. She's the coolest dog ever. If I was a dog, I'd idolize her. I'd wear my fur like hers. You know, cockaburs* are the new Scrunchie. I'd run beside her and watch to see if all the other girl dogs saw me with her. We'd bark at vultures flying overhead and swim in the smelliest ponds in the county. The other girl dogs would be so jealous of me. As it is, I am a mere human so I have to be content with helping Trudy care for her chickens. I change the waterers and scrub the chicken poo out of the feed pans 3 times a day before filling them. Trudy's too busy with important things like herding her chickens, driving them back home so hawks and coyotes living in the woods don't snatch them up. No wisecracks Paula Barber. Trudy does not eat chicken.

This is also Trudy.

And this.

And this. Anyone else notice Trudy looking a little, ahem, different?
I thought it would be fun to play a little game. It's multiple choice. The question is:

Do you think these photos represent:

A. Trudy before and after collagen injections.

B. Trudy before and after rhinoplasty.

C. Trudy before and after being bitten on the nose by a poisonous copperhead snake.

*ETA: My farm-raised boy just informed his city-raised mother it's COCKLEBUR, not cockabur. I'm so embarrassed. Not really. I'm more amused. Here's how Urban Dictionary defines cockabur.
1. cockabur
A person who operates a potato gun without wearing any clothing
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Amanda said...

Oh no!! Will she be OK?

inkyheart said...

Ouch! Poor baby!!!! I'm guessing C of course. Oh my goodness!

jkhenson said...

Poor Trudy! She looks so sad in these last pictures! How's she feeling today? Will she be fine? Give her a hug for us!

Pam said...

WHOA! Poor Trudy! I thought copperheads killed you!

tania said...

awwww, poor trudy. she looks so uncomfortable. hope she recovers soon.

Kristi Smith said...

Kendra!!! It is all about looks with you, isn't it? That is why you are friends with me and that is why you had your dog get collagen injections and rhinoplasty! lol

Poor Trudy!!! That looks horribly painful!!! Her eyes look miserable too. Does she just lay around? I am glad Shawn knows how to take care of her. Poor thing.

Kristi Smith said...

P.S. Tell Amanda that I think she is the coolest girl dog ever. Poor thing is 2nd fiddle in that household.

TheCottonWife said...

Ooh - copperheads are no good. But now I want Trudy's hair color. She really is a very cool dog.

momma_arch said...

She is beautiful. Will she be ok? You just love to leave us hanging on waiting don't you?

Kendra said...

Hi guys! Trudy is fine. Shawn gave her a cortisone injection and by the next morning, she was acting normal again and most of the swelling was gone. This is what she looked like 15 minutes after being bitten!

This happens to both of the dogs every year but usually later in the summer. Our 10 year old Setter, Amanda, was bitten at the same time Trudy was (they hunt as a team) but she's a tough old lady. She's built up a resistance to copperhead venom and didn't have much swelling so it didn't make for dramatic photos. : )

Pam, copperhead bites aren't usually fatal. And unless you provoke them (or accidentally step on them), they will usually slither away, not bite. If I find them near the house though, you can bet I'll meet them 1/2 way with the hoe!

Kristi Smith said...

lol, I am shocked you spelled something wrong. And you never know what you will find in that Urban Dictionary!!!

momma_arch said...

I'm glad you set that straight. How funny. I'll have to make sure Devin doesn't get ahold of a potato gun. That could be a site.

Becky said...

I'm guessing C. Poor baby glad she's ok

Leah said...

glad she's ok.

Lynette van Barrelo said...

I just tried sitting for 5 whole minutes with my cheeks puffed out and my lower lids pulled down just so I could feel Trudy's pain. Drafts are a curse...

Sandra said...

Ohhhh poor doggie... what a sad (but cute) little face

steph said...

these photos look like good candidates for TAPE TRANSFER

Paula Barber said...

What? What ever makes you think I would make wisecracks about poor little Trudy. (I promise I won't use the chicken photo that I have stored on my hard drive for "kendra-blackmail" . . .this time.)

Oh man. Poor Trudy. That looks just awful. Yes, it is a good thing that that wonderful hubby of yours could take care of her right away.

I saw a cottonmouth yesterday at the lake. In the water. Swimming.
And I thought of you. :o)

stephanie said...

oh my goodness, you have me snickering over here. sadie doesn't like that, as she is trying to sleep and eat in peace.
poor thing.
and nekky with a potato gun?

staceykingman said...

Poor girl. She does look puffy.

Emily Pitts said...

despite your poor pups lovely mug, you still make me laugh. poor trudy, think the best part of the picture is her sagging eyes, like she's saying she just can't believe she has to put up the likes of a camera at a time like this.

Anonymous said...

Oh nooooooooooooooooooooo! She looks so sad and/or embarrassed! Poor, poor puppy!!!!! TEll her I still think she's cool though! I'd hang with her too!
-Shannon Taylor

Delaney Gates said...

Oh dear! Glad she'll be okay!! (She still was cute though, even with a big schnoz.)

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