Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8/365

Today's word for Project 365 was homemade.
jan 8
Today was a good day for the word homemade. It was Edna's Fried Chicken day in the McCracken house. I know some of you are ooohing and aaahing. You love Edna's chicken too. So I could have photographed that. Or I could have taken a photo of the Cloud Biscuits. You can't have the most amazing fried chicken without the most amazing homemade biscuits.

Instead, I decided to do something a little different. I took a photo of our house. I did this because our house is homemade. We (and I use the term we very, very loosely) built it ourselves. My contribution came during the finishing. I helped with painting the walls and I finished all the woodwork and the doors. Everything else, Shawn did. He dreamed up the idea that it would be cool to live in a house that looks like a barn. I agreed. He drew out the house plans and everything. Drew them out on a piece of paper with his trusty plastic D.A.R.E. ruler and a #2 yellow pencil. Nothing fancy. He built scaffolding out of old shelves from HQ (like the giant orange shelves at Home Depot if you're not familiar with HQ)and scared the tar out of me by climbing up on them and putting up the metal roof. I refused to watch.

I thought about moving all the racing equipment from the driveway before I took the photo. See the pile of tires, the race car cage, the air hose. And you might say, "Oh. There's a sawhorse." It's racing equipment too. Anyway, I thought about moving it all but decided that wouldn't be real. That stuff is always there. So I left it.

And I wonder how many of you are thinking, "That's exactly what I'd expect Kendra's house to look like." That's what most people say. And then I wonder, what must people think if me if they are not surprised that I live in a barn!
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Lynette van Barrelo said...

Haa! I've watched you eat and I really couldn't tell that you lived in a barn. Really.

Kristi Smith said...

Nice photo of the barnhouse.

Looks like you have a new gate on the steps, what is that for? Amanda?

I like your barnhouse.

suzie in mo said...

No wonder you love Pappy's! kindred spirits!!! i love it!

Happay said...

I simply adore barns! the older the better. Your house is very cool. Thank you for sharing a picture of it.

Pam said...

I love your house! It looks a lot like our 'barn'! :)

Kristi Smith said...

Lol @ Pam.

Do the critters look the same on the inside? ;)

Kendra said...

Ha! Kristi, when I told my grandma we were building a barn to live in, she didn't say anything. About a month later she said, "Ken. I have to ask you something. Hon, where are the animals going to live?" She was so relieved when I told her dogs would be the only critters living in there with us. Dogs and a snail.

gillian said...




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