Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 117/365

april 27
Just like any other parent, I want my kids to be better than I am. I do my best to instill better values in them than I had at the same ages, to encourage them to have more faith in the talents God has given them and to hone those rather than using them as a crutch to just get by. Shawn and I don't allow mediocrity or whining or making excuses. But we also realize our kids are human. Like us, they are flawed and to expect them to be perfect would place unfair expectations on them, expectations we would never want someone placing on us.

As Caelan has grown older, I've watched his personality develop and have been both filled with joy and filled with guilt over the similarities between us. Of course I dwell on the guilty parts, trying to make myself focus on the fact that most of them are inherited characteristics and not learned.

As Will is going through his young years, I have a little bit of experience under my belt and I feel more equipped to guide him than I did when I was doing it blindly with Caelan. I'm more relaxed with him, letting him play and explore without too much smothering guidance. It's easier to control the urge to expect perfection from him. So when he picked up this old digital camera of mine and begged for batteries for an entire day, I finally dug them out of my camera bag, handed them over, and turned him loose. He's taken hundreds of photos the past few days and it's sparked an excitement in me that maybe he's inherited my love of photography. Time will tell and for now, I'll just be content letting him play and experiment on his own.

Keeping that attitude allowed me to revel in watching his joy as he discovered the camera has video capabilities. And I now present you with his debut as a videographer. I have to tell you I've already been chastised by Will for ruining his "perfect video" by raising my hand in front of the camera in the last few seconds of recording. So I apologize in advance for interfering with the perfection you would have otherwise witnessed. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

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Kristi Smith said...

Tell Will I really enjoyed watching it! Where is the sound though? I need sound. ;)

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