Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick Update

Drive-by blogging today for me! I wanted to link 2 new articles on the Fiskars website.

First is an article about scrapbooking for Mother's Day. Click here to read the article.
mother may I finished 2
My layout is about Kristiand how her love for and patience with her dog parallels her traits as a mother. The journaling is not legible on the layout so I thought I'd share it here. I left it formatted the way it was for the text boxes on the layout. Pretend it's a poem or something. ; )

If how patient
and kind you are
to a dog is an
indicator of the
kind of mother
you are, there
are none better
than Kristi.
T-Bone is
spoiled. He
sleeps on the
back of the

rides shotgun
in the car, and
every dogs
biggest dream,
eats directly
off the table.
Funny as it is
to watch her
feeding him
pizza and
wiping his mouth
with a napkin,

it also shows
about her. It
shows she's a
She's patient.
She's relaxed.
She's loving.
And if someone
can show these
qualities while
interacting with

a dog, you can
bet they'll be
doing it with
their kids.

Second up is a link to my article as Featured Designer. Click here to read about my love of fabric and to see the projects I created.

purse 3

card 2
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Kristi Smith said...

LOL, that is hilarious. Cute layout! I don't always feed him from the table . . . sometimes from the counter/bar! ;)

I was wondering what photos you came up with, I would have never guessed they were ones of me and T-Bone!!!

The layout is great, love the stitched heart.

reneevc said...

GREAT LO & beautiful project there.

And who knew??? I'm learning more & more about Kristi each day.

Haggith said...

love that ode to Kristi!!! :)

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