Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 124/365

may 3
He woke up crying this morning. He wanted Ricola Throat Drops. When I told him we were out, he settled on suckers. This is where he's been since, lying on the couch with a pile of Kleenex and a pile of sucker wrappers. And since he's my sensitive one, the one who sees no contradiction in being a hard-core fight-to-the-death tough guy willing to defend any one's honor and dropping his head with a broken heart at the slightest bit of chastisement, Doggy is tucked tenderly under his arm to provide comfort. As sad as it makes me to see him so pitiful, sniffling and coughing, when he falls asleep under my quilt and looks peaceful for a little while, I can't help but enjoy the moment and how sweet he looks.
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Kristi Smith said...

He is such a handsome kid. Love those eyelashes.

reneevc said...

Awww. He looks sooo sweet!
btw- If he develops a fever & body aches TAKE HIM IN to be seen ( yes I am a paranoid hypochondriac freak).

momma_arch said...

very very sweet!!

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