Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 128/365

may 8
Yesterday we had severe storms blow through our area. Living far out in the country, there are some necessities available in the city that we are unable to benefit from. Although I swear my husband's ability to wake from a sound sleep because he hears a mouse chewing in the walls clear at the other end of the house qualifies him to boast of having semi-bionic hearing, it is not acute enough to detect the emergency warning sirens in town. So it is that we have Weather Radio Man Paul to wake us at all hours of the night, warning us of the potential for the Chicken Hawk Talon Creek 25 miles away from to cause flash flooding, endangering the lives of the 10 residents living in that area. His computerized voice is not a welcome one, but it is something we must endure to ensure the possibility of taking coverage should a weather situation endanger our safety.

Because Weather Radio Man Paul's computerized voice is most beneficial to us when we are sleeping, we keep the radio in our closet. And this means during the daytime hours Paul's voice sometimes cannot be heard from other areas of the house. Yesterday was one of those days. I missed his warning that we were under a tornado warning. By the time I noticed it was raining in 3 different directions and Will's playhouse was lying in a crumpled mess in the yard, it was too late to get to my in laws' house to their storm shelter. So Will and I camped out under the pool table listening to CDs while we waited out the storm.

Not long after the storm passed through, our power went out. And this is how we spent part of the day. I love this game. I played it so many times as a kid. I played countless games with Caelan. And now I play with Will. Being without power yesterday left us facing many annoyances. My rugs (as you can see in this keeping-it-real photo) did not get their daily vacuuming. The breakfast dishes were still in the sink when I woke up this morning. Since we are on a well, we had no running water. The laundry did not get done. And we had to eat mystery meat (AKA hot dogs) for dinner. But in spite of all those inconveniences, I have this memory to balance out the day.
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Kristi Smith said...

I used to love that game.

Glad you didn't blow away, maybe you need to carry Paul around with you.

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