Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 131/365

My friend Renee recently told me I'm very good at The Blame Game. Until that day, I'd never really thought about it. Now it's a talent I proudly boast of. I'm going to play The Blame Game here on my blog today.

First off, I got behind on my photo a day again. When I get behind, I rely a lot on Anita Mundt's Project 365 blog. If you're not familiar with it and are also doing Project 365, you should check it out. There is a daily prompt to help get the creative juices flowing and keep your photos a little more exciting when you're running out of ideas.

Since I was behind this week, I went to Anita's blog yesterday and found that the word for Monday was Carry. I didn't have a great idea for my photo so by the end of the day, I settled on this.

may 12
Exciting, no? A bunch of animal fur and straw mixed together on the ground. If you happen to be a 7-year-old boy out in the garden weeding and you see this, that might be your exact thought. And you might poke at it with your foot. If you did you might hear squealing and then little balls of fur might jump out from under the fur/straw mixture and scare the bejeebers out of you.

Had the 7-year-old boy thought to bend down and pull back the layer of fur and straw, he would have seen this.
may 12  2
Five baby bunnies are living in a hole in our garden. With Shawn being a vet, he gets many calls from people saying they've found an abandoned rabbit nest and wonder what they should do with the babies. What most people don't realize is that mother rabbits do not sit on their nests. They build a nest like the one you see here in these photos and return to it twice a day to feed the babies. If they feel the babies are in danger, they will move them to a new location. Otherwise they leave them alone other than the twice-a-day feedings.

Since Will had disturbed the nest and the babies had scattered, I thought the mom might carry them to a new location. But she hasn't. They are still safely tucked away and we've been able to go back out several times to peek in at them.

I had my photos all taken and ready to go on my blog this morning. And this is where the blame game comes in. I ran out the door to take Caelan to school and started to grab my camera as I normally do. Then I thought, "I really don't need it." Shawn thinks I bring it with me too often. And Kylie Nicolosi says she wishes her husband Matt would leave his camera behind sometimes. So I left my camera bag by the door.

As Caelan and I drove down the road, we looked ahead and saw something crossing the road. It was moving oddly and we couldn't figure out what it was. When we got up to it, we looked out the window and saw a possum waddling across the road carrying her babies on her back. If you've never seen this, it is a neat thing to witness. We sat in the car laughing as she waddled and they slipped down her sides, frantically trying to climb back up onto her back. I'm sorry you don't get to see it for yourself. You can blame my husband and Kylie. ; )
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Kylie Nicolosi said...

I'll gladly take one for the team here (team of "spouses of photographers"....maybe i should start a support group!). sorry you missed out on a prime photo opportunity. :)

Matt Nicolosi said...

Hahaha... I feel your pain, Kendra. [grin]

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