Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 133/365

I fear for the future, wondering what's in store for me if he's negotiating like this at age 7.

may 13
Will: Mom, they have this contest where you can win $10,000 if you eat Twix yogurt. I have an idea. If you buy the Twix yogurt and I win, I can pay you back all the money for buying the yogurt.

Me: But what if you don't win the $10,000. Are you still going to pay me back for the yogurt?

Will: No.

Me: Well I don't see how that's a good deal for me. I think you need to make it more appealing. I'm the only one risking something here so I need more than I MIGHT get my money back. How 'bout if I buy the Twix yogurt and you win, I get $7000 of the winnings and you get $3000.

Will: But I only have $200 saved and you have $1,000,050.

Me: Actually I have $100 in my checking account.

Will: Well I think it should be you get $5000 and I get $5000.

Me: You know, I really don't need you to win the $10,000. I could just buy the yogurt myself and if I win, I get the full $10,000.

Will: But you know, Mom, if we're both eating yogurt, you have to buy more and our chances of winning $10,000 are much better.

As you can see, he convinced me. Being adorable will get you far with me.
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Beth said...

My 6 year old saw this yogurt too. I bought it because he said he would keep $1000 and give $1000 each to me, his Dad and brother. The other $6000 he would give to charity. Who could deny that, right?

staceykingman said...

I'm a sucker for adorable, too...

Pam said...

LOL not only is he adorable he's pretty smart!

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