Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 139/365

may 20
As a family, something we look forward to every Spring is the return of the hummingbirds to our feeders. We think they are fascinating in many ways, from their tiny size to the fact that their wings can beat up to 80 times per second. And it's just fun watching them through the dining room window, hovering and swarming around the feeder, trying to poke one-another's eyes out with their long, pointy beaks. I like to imagine that's the worst they're trying to do as they dive-bomb one another. I couldn't handle the thought of them actually trying to impale the little body of another bird daring to steal a sip from the gallon of syrup it would take one of them the entire summer to ingest alone. Their cute, tiny size should not be mistaken as vestige of tranquility. They're greedy and territorial. But being cute and tiny and can cover a multitude of unbecoming traits.

Today I had the front door open and one found it's way into the house. My husband doesn't believe women and screen doors can co-exist in areas where the wind doth blow. To support his claim, he drove me around our old neighborhood one day, pointing out screen doors flapping wildly on their hinges, banging against the side of the houses. Every one of them had a woman resident but not necessarily a male. I'd done more than my share of damage to the hydraulic door closing mechanism and door frame on our screen door at both of our previous homes so when we built this house, no screen door. When our front door is open, any number of little flying creatures can find their way into our home. Today it was this hummingbird and I got to be the lucky one to do the capture and release. I'm really glad we don't have a screen door.
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Gentzlers said...

Very cool picture. We had them come into our house in TX a few times, but we never tried to catch them, just guide them out the back door with a broom. Your method makes for better pics.

gillian said...

I can't believe you caught it! Lightning Speed must be your super power.

Beautiful photo, Kendra!


Kristi Smith said...

Very cool. I love hummingbirds. I want to put a feeder on a deck but not sure I want to deal with the sticky sugar-water.

momma_arch said...

No screen door here either. We too had a hummingbird come in right after the storms a couple weeks ago. They are amazing little creatures.

Karen S. said...

Our hummers are eating so much, I fill the feeder outside the kitchen window a few times a week! I love how they buzz past when I'm working in the yard.
Kendra, thanks for your info on handmade handbags. You can read the final article at
The photo permission came too late to use your photo, but I appreciated your willingness!

Matt Nicolosi said...

You're ninja skills are impressive, grasshopper. A 3-toed sloth is more in my range of animals I'm fast enough to catch.

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