Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 142/365

This is one I've been wanting to do for some time but every time I tried to get a good photo, I ended up with really blah images. I finally realized I needed to change my perspective.
may 22
This is our "front yard." What you see in the background is the front of our house. Every few weeks, Shawn moves the cows out to the pasture right out in front of the house to eat down the grass and since the pasture is about 20 feet from our driveway, it looks like we have cows in our front yard. Quite funny to the city girl that still resides deep down inside me!

When I tried to get a photo of this in the past, I always stood on the deck on the front of our house. We live on the upper level so I could get a nice, broad view of all the cows. But the photos always lacked the impact of COWS IN MY FRONT YARD that I was aiming for. As we were walking home from playing in the river that runs through our property one day last week, I came to the top of this hill and realized what had been missing from the photo was the house! I'd like to have gotten a photo of them closer to the house to make it look more COWS IN MY FRONT YARDish. But they weren't cooperating in moving closer and Shawn was getting ready to move them. I still ended up with a much better image than I'd gotten in the past, simply by looking at the scene from a different perspective. So when your image isn't coming out quite like you hoped, don't be so tied to your plan that you don't think to try something as simple as looking at things from a different angle.
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momma_arch said...

don't forget the chickens in the front yard too.

Dana said...

That is so true! Just yesterday, I was trying to get a shot of my little girl sitting on a long wooden pew, and I thought it would look best if she, as the focal point, was in the back of the photo with the long bench in front. Even though the lighting was gorgeous, it just wasn't "right." I'm going to go back and try it again with her in the foreground instead. Thanks for sharing!

tish said...

great photo! i have cows in my front yard, too...

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