Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 144/365

may 24
There are many, many things I love about raising boys. I would love to say that finding surprises in the bathroom always makes my day. But, ya know . . .

Coming in to find a fishing lure next to Will's toothbrush, that one gets a big ol' smile. He was long gone but I could imagine the series of events that landed it there. Sitting in his bedroom making (very loud)battle noises while playing Legos. Glancing up to see this lure on his desk, the same lure that got him in trouble a few days earlier when it found it's way onto his floor, a pair of scissors the only means of releasing the hooks from the fibers of his carpeting. The battle noises ceasing as the wonder of how the lure moves taking control of his mind. The rush to the bathroom to fill the sink and drop the lure in the water. And the satisfaction of seeing his curiosity quelled as the tail of the lure wiggles through the water, independent of the body. But my favorite part of the scene is when he stops to think he needs to clean up after himself. The sink was emptied, the water wiped off the counter top, the lure left to dry and later put away. So many things I love about raising this boy!
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Kristi Smith said...

Did I ever tell you at my wedding shower I got one of those 3 prong hooks stuck in my finger? Just a little fact for you.

You have great boys!

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