Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 148/365

may 28
Yesterday was 8th grade graduation. And if the report card with straight A's for the entire year wasn't enough, when he non-chalantly handed over this certificate his dad was bursting with pride. With the wrong information we were given about how the program works complicating the fact that his final grade in this class affects his high-school transcript, things have been a little tense the past couple of months. All we were concentrated on was getting a 97% in the course and since that was iffy, top grade in the class was completely unexpected. And that just made it even sweeter.

Shawn is proud that Caelan faced what seemed like an impossible task and conquered it under pressure. I'm proud that his brain works so much like mine yet he accomplished this in spite of it! He's well on his way to that desire we all have for our kids. He's better than me for not defeating himself and for fighting all the way to the end.
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Leslie Ashe said...

WOO HOO!! Congrats to Caelan! Happy Graduation day! :D This is the weekend for graduations I tell ya ;D

Kendra, has anyone told you how sweet you are? Thanks for what you said! :D

I love your 365 post today...
signed stalker girl # 3434333999ss (they issue us numbers now, lol)


Pam said...

Oh wow! That is fantastic! Congrats to Caelan on the grades and the graduation! Good for him!

signed stalker girl #1! following in Leslie's path! ;)

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