Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blasts From the Past

I realized yesterday that I haven't uploaded any of my projects to online galleries the entire year. So I've been working on that today and in the process, I found a couple of layouts that I never got posted to my blog, either. I found a third but I can't share it. It will be in what will, sadly, be the last printed issue of Memory Makers magazine.

This first one includes photos from Easter 2008.

2-2-2 Easter

And this one is intentionally gawdy and dated. Think what you will of me but I love it that way. : )
This photo is a good reminder to me of why I always made a great pal to the boys but never a girlfriend. You cannot tell in the photo but I'm wearing a forest green stocking cap (over my Elvis Presley hair do) with my orange fake-fur trimmed coat. Nice. And yes, that is a caramel apple I'm holding precariously close to the fur trim on my coat. This whole scene is just one big train wreck, no?

Also during the process of sorting through my projects for the year, I discovered I've created exactly 2 layouts the entire year. How did that happen?!! I plan to do something about that over the next few weeks!
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