Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 154/365

Let me tell you, it's a big shock when you find your teenage son has a stash of magazines hidden away in his room. You go in his room and are innocently looking for something like his jock strap so you can put it on your head and take a pic for your Facebook friends and WHAM. You find the magazines you had no idea he was reading. I'm so proud of him.
june 3
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Kristi Smith said...

lol . . . he inherited this too.

Kendra said...


He told me I wasn't helping his nerd status by posting this.

Pam said...

Why am I not surprised? I'd find another type of magazine altogether I am afraid! :)

gina said...

funny! love the artwork!

renee said...

LOL! He reminds me sooo much of my Michael. LOVE IT! Nerds ROCK!

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