Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 167/365

So my last blog entry was pretty deep. I'll try to make up for it with this one.

I've mentioned a few times on Facebook recently that I'm working at cutting out using profanity. For me it's always a response out of anger or disgust and it's deeply ingrained from my youth. We all know old habits are hard to break. I'm working on it!

The challenge to cease started as a bit of a joke. I said a bad word and trying to break the silence from my family that followed I said, "I have a new goal. I'm going to stop cussing." Shawn laughed. Not a chuckle. A deep, long laugh. He said, "I give you until the first time you're making spaghetti and you drop the serving spoon on the floor." It was followed by a ridiculous dramatization of the spoon hitting the floor, bouncing, sauce splattering everywhere. I decided then and there he was going to eat crow.

Now, every time I drop something in the kitchen (which happens to be many times a day) Shawn yells in, "Did you cuss?" I always reply, "NO!" And he responds, "Waiting for you to make spaghetti. That's the true test."

june 13

If you ask me, this was the true test. Pretty sure this is THE biggest mess I've ever made in the kitchen. A 9 PM gesture of love toward my hungry family was an offer of making bacon and eggs if they'd put away the cereal boxes they were holding. At 9:20, as I was putting the last batch in the microwave, I dropped the glass pan full of grease and raw bacon on the floor. Shawn actually came into the kitchen this time. I'm assuming the glass that made it all the way to the dining room piqued his curiosity.

He asked. And I proudly said, "NO!" But don't be too impressed. A few days later I somehow managed to fit the word damn into a discussion we were having about Noah's Ark. The crows are safe for a bit longer. But I'm not giving up!
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Pam said...

Umm yeah, that's a pretty big mess.

And dam is a water retaining system not a swear! ;)

Kristi Smith said...

OHMYGOODNESS! That is one nasty mess! I would have cussed! ;)

Um . . . by the way . . . I would have spelled "piqued" wrong.

Matt Nicolosi said...

I'll take Fruity Pebbles & milk on the floor any day over bacon and grease. Thanks for making me feel better about myself today, Kendra.

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