Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 180/365

This is a $650 hat. You can, no doubt, see (and expect) that it's a quality hat.

June 28

Included in the price of the hat is this.
june 28  b
This is a Hans device. Hans is an acronym for Head and Neck Support. A Hans device is required safety equipment in the class of racing Caelan is getting ready to begin. While I was a pretty irritated that something as simple-looking and small in size came at such a hefty price, once it's purpose was explained to me, all my irritation went by the wayside and I was completely behind Caelan having one for racing, especially when I was told his grandparents wanted to buy it for him!

Basically what a Hans device does is, through the use of 2 tethers which connect to the helmet, prevent the driver's head from whipping so far forward in an accident that the spinal cord tears from the brain. Sounds like a wise investment, no? I think he's worth it.
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Pam said...

Totally worth the money. Dale E. would still be alive if he would have worn one!

Kendra said...

Exactly, Pam! That's the first thing Caelan said when he put it on and felt how uncomfortable it was. Talking himself into dealing with it!

momma_arch said...

I need 2 of these any grandparents want to adopt my kids??? Devin should be out o the track within the month of July, Kaelie, a little longer. Are you racing yet??

Kendra said...

Hoping to get to start racing in the next week or two. And I know I need to return your call!!! We need to get together again soon.

Kristi Smith said...

He is definitely worth it! Now what are you going to put around the rest of his body?

Emily Pitts said...

that just hurts to read what it protects him from. i'm so glad they've got safety equipment like this!

renee said...

Sounds like a bargain to me.

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