Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 183/365

july 2
I've been trying to make 2 adjustments lately. First, I've been dragging my camera bag along with us less frequently. That has been very difficult for me because there have been many times I've seen something and regretted not having it. I'm learning to enjoy more and worry about documenting every single detail less. It's been liberating for me and I've heard far fewer complaints from my family.

Second, I've been working on being less of a camera snob. To be completely forthcoming, this has been a result of adjustment #1. Since I don't have my camera with me as often, there have been a few times I've relied on my phone's camera. 2 mega pixel, 72 PPI images, no RAW images, SLOOOOOOOOW. And I've found it's been fine. In fact, I've enjoyed a few things about it. There is no set up. You just take what you get. No adjusting shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focus, zoom. You can only press the capture button. Sure I've gotten some crummy images. But I've also been surprised at the the "good" images I've gotten.

I would never have gotten this fun shot with my DSLR. I don't own a wide angle lens so with my 50mm lens, I'd have had to be standing outside the car squatting down instead of sitting in the driver's seat. And I never would have run the shutter speed down low enough to capture that movement. Even if I'd have thought to run it down that low, I wouldn't have captured a real moment. I'd have seen Will laughing hysterically, slamming his fist on the seat, had a light bulb moment, and I'd have had to try to recreate the humor hoping for an equal reaction or we'd have had to stage it. This right here is completely authentic. And I adore authentic, even if it means the package it comes in is imperfect.
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jkhenson said...

Love it-love that big smile with the front tooth missing! Totally priceless! :)

renee said...

I haven't been carrying SLR around for years. It is *very* liberating. Less worrying about where the bag is, if the camera is 'safe,' or getting the right shot. I'm in the moment & enjoying it.
Too busy LIVING life, not shooting it :D

samkc89 said...

There are lessons for me to learn from this post (& Renee's reiteration). Thank you. (My family thanks you even more, I'm sure.)

Kristi Smith said...

I am proud of you.

Wish I could be more like Renee, everyone runs when they see me coming.

Jayna said...

This is an incredible shot!!

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