Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 192/365

My boys had a new experience Friday night. I'm embarrassed to admit they stayed in a hotel for the first time.

We are not big on traveling. And I have a hotel room phobia. I don't even watch those Dateline specials where they do those CSI type examinations of hotel rooms. My imagination does a good enough job on its own. I never walk barefoot on the floors and the socks I wear walking around the room are removed from my feet and replaced before I put my shoes on. Any article of clothing that touches the floor is automatically fodder for the washing machine. I stand on a washcloth in the shower. And don't even get me started on the beds. I'm not opposed to staying in a hotel but you can imagine that I don't hound my husband for vacations!

Friday night we made a trip to KC. Normally we stay with my grandparents but were not able to this time. This is how we ended up at the Hampton Inn where we played video games and watched really bad free videos until 1:30 AM. The free videos were real groaners which made us laugh a whole lot. Although I have to confess I was already a fan of Matt because:

1. I have a soft spot for really bad dancers and love the fact that he celebrates it.
2. I think the whole concept of what he does is just cool.
3. As much as he travels, he obviously has no hotel room phobia.

If you don't know about Matt, this is what he does.

And his website .

But this was the whole purpose of the stay for Will. He went for the indoor swimming pool.
july 11

Oh, and the mask, not ours. There was a pail of them beside the pool and you'll all be very proud of me. I conceded to his excitement rather than my first thoughts of eye infections and respiratory viruses. Rinsing them in the chlorinated water took care of those concerns, right?

The final verdict? Caelan no likey hotel rooms. Will, I fully expect pouting the next time we go back to KC and don't stay at the place where they served the best breakfast he's ever had.
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renee said...

First time ever in a hotel? WOW!! How old are they??
I can't even wrap my brain around that one! lol

Kendra said...

Isn't that sad?!! Caelan is 14. Will is 7.

renee said...

So you like to have 7 years in between kids? Since Will is now 7, it looks like you're due to have #3 any time now. :D

Kendra said...

Uh, I'd be in REALLY big trouble if there was a #3!

Pam said...

Ummm,I am pretty right there with you on hotels. I usually bring a can of lysol to spray down everything with.

Catbert said...

Kendra I used to take a plane on Mon and come home on Fri for about 2 years and I am sooooooo not a hotel person -- pack tons of socks and a huge trash bag to put them in once they've touched the floor; and don't even get me started on those pools...

I made exceptions for events as the kids grew up - but yea NASTY

Kristi Smith said...

I love Matt.

When you do what I do for a living . . . hotels aren't really a problem. :) Although, I do leave my socks on, I won't walk on the floor without socks and I always pull back the blanket and the comforter back.

Can you believe that I wouldn't have let Will wear the mask though? lol The best breakfast ever . . . too cute.

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