Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 199/365

july 18

Pastures aren't just for livestock! We are FINALLY ready to get back out on the track. Looks like next weekend. My guys are pumped. So anxious to go that when I said, "Good that we're racing next weekend because my reunion is the following weekend." Shawn's reply, "Why can't Caelan and I race when you're at your reunion?" So I may miss week 2 of Caelan's move to a new class. But I'll definitely be there for the commencement.

This class is a whole new experience for us. Shawn has to re-learn car set up. And Caelan has to learn how to use a clutch and shift gears to get up to racing speed. This is how we ended up out in the pasture yesterday. Shawn was very pleased with how quickly Caelan caught on to the clutch with just a little explanation. He didn't know we've been keeping a secret. Shawn's dad has been teaching Caelan to drive their manual transmission truck. Sneaky-sneaky has paid off and he's ready to race!
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renee said...

So embarrassed. I can't even use a clutch. I'm automatic transmission girl all the way. lol.
GO CAELAN! And wtg sneaky grandpa!

Kendra said...

Renee, we're so much alike! I can drive one if I HAVE to. Shawn's tried to teach me and it always ends up in a fight and me in tears! My mom taught me well enough that I can if I have to but I love my automatics! Shawn even bought an auto transmission tractor so I could drive it. But after I got it stuck, he won't let me drive it anymore. : )

momma_arch said...

Good luck next weekend. We are hoping to get out soon too. Different tracks this year (we will be at Bolivar) but new experiences.

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