Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Kristi!!!!

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. In the UNIVERSE, even. Not that I have any close friends beyond the realm of our own ozone layer. I just wanted to emphasize how much I love this girl!

I could have shown her the same kind of love she showed me on my birthday. But I decided I was going to be above retaliation. Besides, nothing I could do to a photo of her could EVER compare to the horror of those photos! Annnnd. Sue had my back.

Instead, I want to say Kristi is the kindest person I know and I truly mean it when I say I can't imagine my life without her now. We laugh at the memory of our first meeting when we both realized we didn't really have anything in common and neither of us thought anything beyond a casual acquaintance would develop. Oh so wrong we were! We've come to realize that our differences are what make us work so well together. They're exactly the right differences to challenge and strengthen one another. Our friendship is encapsulated in Proverbs 27:17. As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another.

And, now that I've gone and brought the bible into this post, I'm feeling a little nagging at my conscience. I have to come clean. The real reason I didn't post any embarrassing photos of Kristi is I accidentally deleted THE MOST EMBARRASSING, never-before-seen photo of Kristi that exists. I had in my possession an unedited photo of Kristi with the Afro wig on and I somehow managed to delete it! So this one I swiped from her blog will have to do.

Love you for the silly, kind-hearted person you are, Kristi! Happy Birthday!!!
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Kristi Smith said...

Hee-hee. Thanks,Kendra! Love you too! Yeah, Sue definitely had your back. Besides those were real photos of me and we all know you don't look anything like the photos I posted! ;) You would have to link her blog though. lol

I know I can still remember those thoughts of . . . "Is she really letting her kid play in . . ." lol

If we would have only known on that first day we met that we would become the best of friends. :)

Love you!

scrappysue said...

i think you should keep that smiley face mask kristi (hehe) - gotta love photoshop.

i want to know more about this photo!!!

hope you are having a great day kristi!

...and KENDRA! my box of goodies arrived - OMG!!! christmas in august!

thank you SO MUCH! will post about it next week - you're a doll, i'm going to have so much fun with it all!!!

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