Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 223/365

I realized when I went to save this photo that I haven't done a Project 365 post in 3 weeks. And as I went through the photos on my memory card, I found that in those 3 weeks, I've taken photos only one other day.

My life is so off kilter right now. So much going through my mind that I don't really know how to process and honestly am having a hard time dealing with. One thing I do know is when I'm taking photos on a regular basis and putting my thoughts and feelings about them into some sort of organized fashion, life works better, even when I'm struggling. It forces me to focus on the things in life that are easy and downright good.

august 11
Life with my 3 guys is downright good. Especially with this one requiring so much attention lately. It seems as if he's constantly vying for my attention and it's awesome. He's such a happy kid that everything is highly animated and told with wide eyes and a big smile.

He came running into the house the day I took this photo with those wide eyes and big smile. "I got a box! Dad gave me a box!" He parked it in the middle of the living room, ran to his bedroom to get his pencil and pocket knife, and went to work cutting out openings for Lego guns.

I'm wondering if climbing in a cardboard box with a pencil, a pocket knife, and a plan will make life seem so carefree for me, too!
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