Monday, August 24, 2009

New Fiskars Article

A while back, May gave a few of us on the Fiskars Design Team the challenge to choose just 3 tools we would want to have if we were stranded somewhere. If you've ever seen me go outside of my house to scrapbook with others, you know why I don't do it anymore. I can't find a way to take all of my scrapbooking possessions with me! So this article was truly a challenge. To make it more challenging, one of the tools had to be a pair of scissors and another had to be a trimmer! I created this set of coasters using my 3 tools.
coasters finished 2

Click here to see what tools each of us chose and what we made with them.
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Anonymous said...

So darn awesome, Kendra! I love the colors (perfect for fall) and all of the stitching. You are one lucky girl to be working with all of that Fiskars stuff. :-)

Linda Albrecht

tania said...


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