Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 241/365

Well I'm behind again! These photos are from a week ago last Saturday. I had to blog them, though. We crammed so much into this day and had a lot of fun.

After Will's first tackle football game (which they lost) we came home and packed up the car for an overnight trip to KC. In addition to going to the Chiefs game, we planned a trip to Crown Center. My mom had told me there was a Lego exhibit at there and this was the last weekend we were going to be able to get to KC to see it before it moved on. I thought it would be fun to surprise Will, to not even tell him what we were doing.

Honestly, I knew if we did tell him ahead of time, he'd drive us batty talking about it! Being a mom, I have that God-given ability to listen to hours of talk about the features of every Lego creation Will comes up with every day. I know Lego guys are not all created equal. Some have superior genes because one hand holds weapons vertically and the other hand holds them horizontally. I know how special the Lego worm gear is. I know the Secret Agent 2.0 men wear vests and the original Secret Agent men didn't. I can listen to Lego speak all day, every day. But I still cannot handle, "Are we going to be there soon?" "When will we be there?" "Is it time to go yet?" So it was to be a closely guarded secret, one which his brother nearly got his head knocked off for almost disclosing before we even left the house on our 2.5 hour drive.

When we arrived,
legos crown center
we were all starving. It had been a toss up on the way between Chuck E. Cheese and a fun little diner inside Crown Center called Fritz's.

Because we were working with a limited amount of time, Fritz's won.
legos crown center 4
And this was, by far, the best part of the meal. They called this a Cherry Limeade. I'll accept that. It was close enough.

This is for you, Kristi!
legos crown center 2
A photo of me! And I'm willingly smiling! You would have been so proud. Shawn asked for the camera to take a photo and I cooperated. We were both in rare form that day.

Then I handed the camera to Caelan.
legos crown center 3
Didn't he get a lovely shot of the crocheted inset on my shirt? I love that shirt and am so happy to have a permanent record of it. : )

If you've never been to Fritz's, this is what it's all about.
legos crown center 5

This is where the kids begin getting excited.
legos crown center 6
I know it's blurry. Go grab an adult beverage and pretend you've already had a few. It'll look perfectly normal.

After you place your order and sit at the table waiting for 15 minutes or so, this happens.
legos crown center 7
The little white tray under the train is carrying $30 worth of hamburgers (it's an art form just how thin they can make hamburger patties that are not dried out yet still hold together) and 1/2 cooked frozen french fries. They're really efficient because there was plenty of room for another $30 worth of food in that tray!

But this face made overpriced bad food worth every bit of the $30 we paid.
legos crown center 17

And this. He loved it.
legos crown center 8

After paying the bill, we headed to the Lego exhibit. Totally cool. Amazing what this guy can make from Legos.
legos crown center 18
He got his start at a young age. When he was a kid, he started building a Lego city in his parents' living room. "For more than 12 years the Lego city flourished." I hope Will doesn't file that away and use it against me when he's grown up. He could claim I squashed his potential for a career in Lego-buidling because I win the nightly battle over him picking up all of his Legos before going to bed.

A few of the sculptures.
legos crown center 11
Will's favorite.

legos crown center 12

legos crown center 13
My favorite.

legos crown center 14
Another perspective of it.

legos crown center 15

legos crown center 16
We all really liked this one. He's putting his arm back together.

legos crown center 10
And the perfect end to our trip to Crown Center. This child is a deprived country boy whose mother doesn't enjoy shopping in malls. This might as well be an amusement park ride because it gets him that excited. But it's cheaper than a visit to an amusement park. Unless, of course, you decide to stop at Fritz's for a locomotive-delivered hamburger.
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jkhenson said...

Looks like a fun trip!! Now, I'm looking for where this exhibit goes next! :) And nice photo of you! :) Loved all the photos! :)

Rachael said...

What a fun trip!!
Love how they deliver the food at Fritz's!
The Lego exhibit is amazing!! Wow!

Holly said...

WOW! The food may have been crappy, but the whole gimmick behind that restaurant makes it worth it! Almost makes me want to make a visit back to KC... almost. And, those Lego sculptures... amazing! I was expecting to see cheesy dragons, trees, bunnies, etc. But, the sculptures you showed were so outside the box and thought-provoking! Sounds like a great trip. :0)

Dana Maize said...

My son is a Legomaniac too....I am dying that we didn't know about the exhibit - we have family in KC. Know where it was headed next, or how to find out?

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