Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 256/365

sept 13
My favorite spider. No, that is not weird. Argiope aurantia don't bite, they prefer living outdoors, and they stay put, never running up your leg. And no I don't go around calling them Argiope aurantia. I'm a simple girl so I call them garden spiders. It's just that there's alway someone who asks, "What IS that?" when I post photos of weird things I find in the woods. I feel obligated to give an educated response. Ask me tomorrow and I won't even remember Argiope aurantia. I'll tell you it's a garden spider.

It's not difficult to find them on our property. I took this photo because this one is living among my favorite flowers.

sept 13 2
Big and elegant but not pretentious. Not at all fragile or needy (translation: we don't ever water them.) Prolific. They're the perfect flower.

If I had to be a flower, I'd want to be a Zinnia. Except for the prolific part. I'm at the age where if I was in a prolific way, I'd probably puke and then cry and then start devising a way to save up sleep minutes because I don't do late nights with little sleep well anymore. And then I'd puke and cry some more when my husband presented me with divorce papers since it's no longer medically possible for us to prolificate. There would be a big ugly fight about whose stamen had been near my stigma and he'd never believe me when I promised it must have blown in on the wind. Gosh there's a lot of drama with being a non-prolificating Zinnia. Maybe I should just hope someone would ask me what spider I'd want to be instead of what flower. Spiders eat their mates and don't have to deal with having to try and prove their innocence.

And I'll end this by sharing that I got an email from a guy yesterday who wrote, "I feel kinda weird saying this, but you have a great blog." My response to anyone who said that after reading this entry would be, "If you think I have a great blog, I feel you're kinda weird."
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jkhenson said...

I love the blog, Kendra-the colors in these two photos are beautiful! I feel the need to print out the Zinnia and put it on my inspiration board! :)) Thanks for the smiles! :)

momma_arch said...

We have had some of these and although I am terrified of spiders this one is relaxing and amazing to watch!! I too call them Garden spiders, just never took a picture to remember one by. Come work the Homecoming game with us tonight!!! Should be fun.

Dana Maize said...

I am laughing hysterically at your post tonight! Well, on the inside, cause all my kids are sleeping.

Kristi Smith said...

That is a super duper big spider!

I am not even going to look up prolific, smart ass. ;)

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