Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's National Sewing Month!

I've neglected to mention that September is a Project-of-the-Day month on the Fiskars website! It's National Sewing Month so every one of the 30 projects this month is a sewing project. May always sends us an email that has little thumbnails of all the projects the design team created for the month and there are some really cool projects lined up!

This camera case is my first project for the month. This is very simple to make. You don't even need a pattern! You can get instructions for creating one yourself here.

camera case finished

camera case finished 2

There's a link in my sidebar to all the projects for the month. Two of my favorites so far (I'm kind of partial to sewing projects for kids!) are this completely adorable monster that Patti Milazzo made.
patti's monster
I'll be making one of these!

And this fantastic reversible vest Lisa Storms made.
lisa's vest

So be sure to check out what's been posted so far.

Something else I wanted to share is a class my friend Tania Willis is teaching at Get It Scrapped. It's an online class on using fabric in scrapbooking. I'm enrolled and I went through the first PDF for the class yesterday. I highly recommend enrolling in the class if you're wanting to some guidance in incorporating fabric into your scrapbooking. I wish I'd have had this when I started using fabric! The first PDF is loaded with basic info on how to buy fabric (sensibly, which is NOT how I started!) and what the fabric-related terms are.

A little info from the website:

For three weeks this September, Tania Willis will show you how to use fabric on your scrapbook pages in ways you never thought possible. She’ll have you reaching for fabric instead of patterned paper and adding a new level of texture and dimension to your projects. As with all of Tania’s classes at Get It Scrapped!, Scrapbooking with Fabric is jam-packed with original ideas and detailed how-tos. What’s more, Tania spends a substantial amount of time in the class forums chatting and answering questions, posting tips, resources, and even challenges that come with great prizes. Scrapbooking with Fabric starts September 7th! You can see the full class syllabus by visiting the registration page for Scrapbooking with Fabric!

I hope you all find something creative to do for National Sewing Month! I know I'll be keeping myself happily busy.
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Suzanne B. Webb said...

Wonderful projects!!!
OK...I tried making a fabric spiral flower, and it looks nothing like these....these are fantastic!
Have a great week-end :)

Cari Fennell said...

Hey girl!! I haven't said "Hi" in a long time! It's great to see what you're up to and I must say it's marvelous stuff!
xoxo Cari

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