Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 297/365

oct 24
Saturday night at home. Just the way we like it. It's surprisingly quiet and peaceful considering there are 6 extra teenage boys here for the night. Caelan has a really good group of friends so other than when they're upstairs with us eating 3 packages of Johnsonville Brats or an entire pineapple cake and making jabs at one another, they're quiet enough that Shawn can still read a book.

Shawn and I went to Kansas City yesterday afternoon. We went alone which is a rarity. We both really miss the boys when we leave them behind but I have to say I so that time with him. 24 hours isn't much time but in a weird way, I like that it's just 24 hours. I like that it's rushed. Not that I wouldn't thoroughly enjoy more time alone with him. I don't know that I can really explain it other than to say that because it's rushed, it feels like it's something special, it's something we're MAKING time for. That probably sounds completely crazy. Maybe it's linked to that part of me that always tries to put a positive spin on everything!

So what did we do with our 24 hours? I'd show you but I decided not to take my camera along. Shawn's always complaining that I take it along too frequently that it spoils family time together. It was hard for me not having it and I whined about it a couple of times!

First we went furniture shopping. I'll share more about it later but I'll say for now I left Nebraska Furniture Mart a happy woman. My husband is fun to furniture shop with, especially when he says yes. He went in with his eye on a new recliner, I went in search of a new sofa. You can see in this photo a new sofa was in order. His recliner is so embarrassing I won't even show it here. The dog took it over long ago and it smells so bad, no one will sit in it unless they're trying to irritate her. Still in negotiations over what will happen with that recliner but it's not looking good for me. I'm being out-voted on whether or not she should become a floor dog or have her "bed" moved downstairs.

Next we made a quick trip to Cabelas where he bought me, get ready for this . . . a sausage stuffer! I have big dreams for bratwurst and breakfast sausage and summer sausage.

He wrapped up the day by treating me and my little sis to dinner and Mike and Charlie's. They have fantastic lasagna so I love it when he says he's taking me there.

I got up this morning and went to the library. I'll have to do a post about my fascination with the library one of these days. I've always kept that a bit of a secret, wondering what people would think of it. A friend and I went to dinner one night this summer and when I opened my hatch to put my camera in, he couldn't believe the number of library books I had back there. I think it frightened him!

Before heading home, Shawn took me to Fiorella's Jack Stack. People often ask me if I miss living in the city. There are some conveniences I miss but they're easy enough to deal with. It takes a bit more driving time or sometimes having to trust a purchase based on a photo on a website. But there's really no substitute for good restaurants. There's definitely no substitute for Kansas City BBQ!

And on the drive home, I read this.
a charming exchange
So many beautiful pieces of jewelry in this book! I looked through it for 2 hours, studying all the details and reading the stories behind each piece. There's a fun concept to the book which left me wanting to read every bit of it. Each piece was a collaboration between multiple artists. The photography is beautiful. It's full of step-by-step instructions for making some of the more interesting parts of the pieces. It's one I will be purchasing.

And we came home to a clean house and all the laundry done! Which means I get to relax and catch up on my blog and Shawn gets to sit as you see him above. The perfect way to wrap up my little trip. I have some wonderful men in my life!
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Pam said...

Well shoot, I wish I read your blog BEFORE I checked out my cart at Barnes and Noble! Oh well I am sure I'll be back there a million times before Christmas the way my youngest reads I'll add that jewelry book to my list.

Isn't Jack Stack's the place we ate at? It was yummy! I would love to go back to Kansas City again! That was a fun place!

Ralph Grant said...

Nice post pointing out that simple things are what it takes to enjoy a day with someone you love. Some day I hope that the three boys at my house (me included) can make Jules as happy as you. I thought it might be impossible without a little girl in the picture but it sounds like it is possible. Hmmmmmm. Food is a given but was it the furniture purchase or the clean house and laundry being done that really scored. :)

Catbert said...

I too love the library and make a weekly visit :-)

Kristi Smith said...

Sounds like you had a good time. I understand why Shawn wants you to leave the camera home sometimes, I think I probably miss out on a lot because I am wanting to take photos.

I already know about your love affair with the library. ;)

Alicia F said...

Thanks for the great mention in your blog. We're glad you and your husband had a great time on your trip to Kansas City, and got to try some Jack Stack BBQ.

As an appreciation, please use the code QBlog (15% off) and order some of our barbecue online to have back at home.

Thanks again for your patronage. We truly appreciate it.

- Alicia, Jack Stack Barbecue (

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