Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free to A Good Home: Pet Elephant

I'm working on a big purge in my scrapbook room, going through every single box, basket, bowl, every single piece of paper. When I do deep cleaning, I'm forced to confront the ugly truth, the elephant in the room that everyone in our house, out of love for me, just ignores. I'm not the most organized, tidy person in the world. In order to get my room to where it's functional, I had to face the fact that I have pretty much everything in my room BUT an elephant. Unfortunately, this packrat can't just go in there and scare the elephant out. It's taking a lot of work.

Shawn built the room 4 years ago and I've yet to actually work from it. At one point I had it all bright and cheery and pretty but it basically serves as storage because it's downstairs and everyone is always upstairs. I work on our dining room table and when I'm finished with a project, I haul everything back downstairs and dump it on the floor, the tables, the bed, anywhere there's a little bit of space. When I get to the point where I can't find things, I do a superficial clean up. That method of working on my projects will change next weekend!

We started finishing the downstairs area of our house 2 years ago. If you've been around for a while, you might remember I blogged about finishing the floor down there, when we wanted stained concrete but couldn't have it because the floor was sealed.

Finishing the area has been a gradual process as we've scraped together the money over the past 2 years to buy the things we wanted to make it teenager friendly and next Friday, we'll have it complete. That means everyone will remove their butts from the sofa upstairs so we can move it downstairs where we will promptly reclaim our positions. And I'll have new leather furniture to gaze lovingly upon (and sniff enthusiastically) upstairs where we will still spend our daytime hours.

This all means my scrapbook room will need to be functional, thus the big clean out. And I have my eye on a new (old) piece of furniture to use for my worktable so I need to make room for it, assuming I can convince my husband I can't live without it. And assuming it's not really the exact same width as the doorway to the room.

I thought I'd share one of my favorite storage ideas today. If you do much handstitching, you know how frustrating keeping skeins of floss untangled both during storage and during use can be.

Floss Spools
A couple of years ago, I found some of these old spools at a garage sale for a quarter apiece and started storing my most-often-used colors of floss on them. Not only do they work like a charm, they look really cool sitting out in my room.

I was fortunate to find about 10 more of them today at a local flea market for $2 each. You can find a variety of styles of these old spools on eBay but this is the style I prefer for this use. I like the metal banding on the top, I like that spools in this style are typically the longest (so they hold more floss), and since they are thinner than other styles, I can cram more of them in my little bucket!

As luck would have it, if any of you are interested in purchasing some of these spools and you don't want to deal with an eBay auction, I found them for a good price at Papier Valise. I won't be needing any more spools but I have my eye on a lot of other fun little things from this store!
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chrome chandelier said...

I love your blog it is so cute.

LollyChops said...

I LOVE this idea!

I of course immediately decided that I needed some of these spools! I have my floss just bunched up in a little spooky pile (that seems to grow and grow). I can hardly wait to get this going on!

I cannot wait to see the newly organized room!

HUGS sweet friend!

Kristi Smith said...

I want to see photos of the unorganized room. Puhlleeeeaaazzzeee . . . I would do it for you. Just to make you feel better. My room has remained untouched for quite awhile but it looks like I work in there everyday! :)

Kendra said...

Too late! Already cleaned it. How about if I take a pic of the carpet after I remove the bed from the room but before I vacuum? said...

I'm going to have to check out that site. I absolutely LOVE what you've done with your floss. In my dream room I would have all kinds of little storage devices such as these. I used to live in an historic home (german farmhouse, circa 1870) present home isn't anything like my old one and I would love to have a scrappy room to reflect this style. My problem is exactly like yours....i have an "area" downstairs in the basement but everyone is always upstairs so i spread out all my "stuff" on the diningroom table like you. I don't always clean it up tho. :(

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