Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning

I'm back after a bit of a hiatus from my blog. With Christmas approaching and being without my computer for 5 days, it wasn't difficult. I think I impressed my family with my ability to live without the internet, email, and Photoshop for a full 5 days without a bit of grumpiness. No withdrawl symptoms what-so-ever!

christmas breakfast 2009
I thought I'd share a few photos from our Christmas day. I'm sure people would think we're strange in how we do Christmas morning. While a friend of ours texted Shawn to tell him his kids were up at 3 AM, we got ours out of bed at 8. Before the boys open presents, they know chores have to be done (livestock and chickens and dogs that depend on us.) Plus, I know that's the only way chores will get done that day. Then it's breakfast. I make that worth every bit of the wait with my Cherry Almond bread that they only get on Christmas and New Year's mornings. Then comes the part that they are not a bit tolerant of . . . I have to get my camera and flash ready. This year I had the floor all swept and clutter out of the present opening area. But that extra 5 minutes of getting the camera ready was still met with loud sighs and eye rolls.

Caelan Christmas 2009
Third time is a charm for Caelan this year. It was the third year in a row he asked for a shotgun. He was with us when we bought it but he still wanted it wrapped.

will Christmas 2009
We saw a lot of this during the day. Will got exactly one present that wasn't a set of Legos. But it was a big Buck knife so it got the happy-dance, too.

trudy christmas 2009
Trudy liked Christmas morning, too. She was very interested in the contents of the stockings.

amanda Christmas 2009
And old Lou-Lou (I picked one of her nicer nicknames in the spirit of Christmas) was content just to lie there watching her family.

will 2 Christmas 2009
Aparently if you put a Lego set in his hands, he'll ask you to take his photo and smile. Who knew it was that easy?

I played a mean trick with this one. He wanted this set more than any other set so I took him around to all the stores looking for it, just because I knew it was a discontinued set and no one would have it. Then when he was at his lowest, I bought it on eBay.

caelan 2 christmas 2009
Caelan's exuberance with this one is a long-standing family joke. He has always been the most appreciative kid I've ever seen. One time some friends gave him a birthday gift and it was inside a tater tot box. He ripped off the wrapping paper and said, "WOW! Tater tots!!!" Anything not in a gift box is now met with this expression and major excitement about the brand name on the box.

pickles Christmas 2009
Next came my favorite part of Christmas morning . . . the stockings. I like to put odd things in their stockings. Caelan LOVES Clausen pickles but we can never eat them all before they get all gross and soggy so I don't buy them. I'm the lady who looks at the price-per-ounce signs below everything in the store so with their short shelf life and their higher price, Clausen pickles never have a chance.

goober Christmas 2009
And because toast crumbs in the margarine tub or taco juice in the sour cream container make me want to hurl, this is just pure nastiness in my mind. Since Will thinks bugars taste good and doesn't hesitate to keep eating when I tell him the worms under his fingernails are going to get in his mouth since he didn't wash his hands, this looked like gourmet food to him when he discovered it a few weeks ago.

spaghetti o's Christmas 2009
Only allowed once every couple of months and never the name brand can, this was one of his favorite things in his stocking.

zingers Christmas 2009
A totally selfish purchase for ME. Red Zingers are the best. I only got one. The day after Christmas, the dogs discovered the pile of Zingers the boys left on the floor by the Christmas tree. They like red Zingers, too.

venus fly trap Christmas 2009
My favorite thing in Will's stocking.

After a morning at home playing new Wii games, we headed next door (a 1/2 mile away) to my in-law's house.

will 3 Christmas 2009
Lots of this with his brother . . .

shawn and will Christmas 2009
Ended with this. A bumped head which made him come up swinging and the rest of us laughing.

egg nog Christmas 2009
My mother-in-law misunderstands the actual meaning of healthy portions. She grew up on a farm where the men and boys spent the days doing hard manual labor and when they came in for lunch and dinner, they needed healthy portions of food for fuel. I didn't think a morning of Wii playing left Caelan famished enough to justify a glass that appeared to hold the contents of an entire carton of egg nog. But it was Christmas.

caelan 3 Christmas 2009
If I'm fast enough, I can still get a normal one before his hand goes up in front of the camera.

will 4 Christmas 2009
Pretty sure he had one of the best days ever. And I was so proud of him when at bed time as I was tucking him in he asked, "If it's Jesus' birthday, why do we get the presents?"
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Kristi Smith said...

Great photos, I hope there comes a day I can take photos like this. :)

I love the morning breakfast photo. And I love how mean you are to make them do chores and eat before they unwrap. lol Cole is so spoiled he unwraps them all Christmas Eve. But gets his stocking Christmas morning.

Caelan is growing up. My little Will still looks familiar. :)

Pam said...

Awesome photos and that last quote by Will was the best part! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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