Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 341/365

dec 7

This is what my Fiskars assignment folder looks like this morning! We've had a bit of an informal countdown going the past couple of weeks. ____ days until Mom cleans the kitchen counter off. _____ days until Mom cleans the dining room table off. _____ days until Mom mops the floors. _____ days until Mom cleans the gunk off all the handles in the kitchen.

I think with just a little bit of prodding, I could have gotten a party out of this!

So before I head to the kitchen with my bottle of Krud Kutter to tackle the cast iron grates on my cooktop, I'll share a few projects I have in a new article I did for the Fiskars website. Rainy (snowy) day projects is the theme and I shared a few more time-consuming projects.

rainy day article fabric card closed
First is this fabric card. I got the idea (fabric + gatefold) from a Halloween card in a card book and I wish I could remember who did it so I could say thanks for the inspiration!

rainy day article fabric card open
Here is the inside.

rainy day article collage finished
Next is a collage wall hanging.

rainy day article collage inset 1
I would like for you all to note that I did not use turquoise, red, and black. Stepped out of my comfort zone on this one!

rainy day article bracelet finished
My last project, a funky-fun bracelet with fabric charms.

rainy day article bracelet finished back
And the back side of the charms.

The full article and a little bit more information on how I created parts of each project can be found here.

Oh! If you're noticing how filthy the sensor is on my camera, I'll be giving my camera some time off. I'm sending it to the camera spa for a little pampering. It's worked so hard this year. I think it deserves the TLC I'm unable to show it. I'll bet they not only know where the lens cap is at all times, I bet they actually use it. I hope my camera doesn't feel inhibited by it.
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kl said...

your talent makes me swoon.

Alicia Sharp said...

Love that braclet! My b-day is the 18th! Need my addy? ;) Love your work!!

Kristi Smith said...

I think you should know that my wrist is unusually small . . . just saying . . . and Christmas is coming up . . .


merryheart2 said...

that charm bracelet is absolutely adorable!

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