Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 347/365

dec 13 baking party

Sunday night I went to my friend Amy's house for a cookie baking party. Amy is the girl wearing the red apron. I'm really mad at myself for not taking more photos. For one thing, Amy's house is beautiful. Everything is absolutely perfect. There's not a thing out of place and every little detail of her decor looks intentional and well planned. I looked for just one pile of papers lying around and not only couldn't I find a pile of papers, I couldn't find a PIECE of paper. We even looked in her closets. You know how we all stuff papers on the top shelf of our closets? Amy has framed photos. She decorates her closets.

In addition to her every-day decor, her Christmas decor is amazing. We asked and she didn't know how many trees she has set up. They all look like she stole them from the set of a Victoria Magazine photo shoot. She even has one completely decorated with penguins. It's in her penguin room.

So every detail is perfect in her house. The house is perfectly clean. Yet her house completely comfortable. I wasn't afraid to touch anything. I dropped some cookie crumbs on the floor and instead of trying to push them away with my foot and act like they weren't mine, I just bent down and picked them up as I kept talking.

Since I was having so much fun looking at all the pretty things in Amy's house and eating the fantastic food, I didn't stop to take many photos.

dec 13 baking party kelly
My friend Kelly will be mad at me for sharing this one. But when you find something like this on your camera, you can't keep it to yourself. I'm also going to start using tough love on Kelly. Kelly won't ever let you take her photo. She's beautiful and she's not at all awkward in front of the camera. So for 2010, one of my goals is to punish her with my camera until she starts showing us all how pretty she is.

dec 13 baking party kaelie
Another goal for 2010 is to start giving more people the opportunity to smile for me. I have a bad habit of taking the candid photos a little too far. This is the only photo I got of Kelly's beautiful daughter, Kaelie, all night. And Kaelie WILL look at the camera.

dec 13 baking party lindsy
Kelly's other gorgeous daughter, Lindsy.

dec 13 baking party natalie
And sweet Natalie. Natalie and I share a deep, dark secret. But I'll share it here because I know none of you will tell anyone. Our families both prefer The History Channel to reality TV. Shhhh.

Also on Sunday, I finished up my projects for something special. I'm the December guest designer for Kenner Road. I got to play with the main kit, as well as the 2 add-ons. I created these.

reluctant reader

the little things for Kenner Road

Plan a and b for Kenner Road

our life postcard version for Kenner Road
My favorite project was this Maya Road mini album.

maya road book
This is what it looked like before I got my hands on it.

our life postcard version detail  for Kenner Road
I soaked the canvas cover in walnut ink. I have to admit it made me a bit nervous but I've used walnut ink enough now to know two things. First, I always love the results. Second, as messy as it appears, it actually washes up very easily. When used on material, you can usually wash any evidence of it away.

I also used walnut ink on the chipboard letters. To get this look, you have to soak them several times, drying them between soakings. I use my hairdryer to speed up the drying process. I also mix my walnut ink about triple strength as the recommedation on the package.

To get the "nice" (I know that's a subjective term!) fraying on the opening I cut for the title, I used an exacto knife (Fiskars Fingertip Knife) to cut the fabric, holding the fabric up off my work surface rather than lying it on a cutting mat. A knife blade won't cut as cleanly in this manner as using it on a mat or using a pair of scissors.

our life postcard version open for Kenner Road
I have a grand plan for this mini. I didn't get a photo taken every day for 2009 and I'm fine with that. I doubt I'll achieve that goal for 2010, either. What I do want to do, though, is use this book to collect all the photos I do take. My plan is to create a "postcard" for the photos I take. On the front will be my photo. On the back, I'll format it like a postcard and hand-write a little bit of journaling. My hope is that going in with a plan and the fact that it's an EASY plan, I'll have a compilation of all my favorite photos at the close of 2010.

our life postcard version tie for Kenner Road
I used some of the ribbon in the main kit to create a tie closure for the book.

I highly recommend these kits! I'm a SLOOOOWW scrapper and I created all 4 of these projects in 2 days with no struggle to pull any of it together. Pure joy. I still have enough stuff left over to create several more layouts with lots of fabulous layering.

If you're considering it, don't wait too long! They just went on sale yesterday and one of the add-on kits is already sold out.

Hope you are all having a fabulous lead-in to Christmas day. I'm behind so we'll be decorating our tree today. Big cookie-baking day with Caelan is this weekend!
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momma_arch said...

I am glad that picture makes me look so mean and bossy. What was I saying?? Couldnt you find one that looked like I was having fun and not yelling at someone? We had a blast and I want to do it again!!! Where was the one of you Kendra??? Your projects were beautiful as usual, you are so talented!!!! I am glad to say we are friends.

Micayla said...

Oh wow kendra...........you totally rocked the Kenner Rd kit. I love each and every piece you created.
Micayla x

kl said...

thank you so much for joining us kendra, you make kenner road look really good and i'm so pleased that you had fun & enjoyed creating with it all.

Kristi Smith said...

Wow, great stuff! Love the projects! And Kelly is gorgeous, I would be driving down every weekend for you to take photos of me if I looked like that! :)

I WANT TO SEE THE HOUSE! Go back and take more photos!!!

Kristi Smith said...

I came back to study your photos, wow, they are so clear and crisp. Jealous. ;)

poppa_Arch said...


I am usually at the other end of Kelly's photo! I think she was just warming up for when she got home that night! Hope you all had a GREAT holiday season.


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