Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Fiskars Project!

It appears that were it not for new Fiskars projects being posted, I wouldn't have a blog anymore! I am down to crunch time with a Saturday deadline looming and 3 projects to start, 1 to finish and 6 to photograph and write up instructions for. The life of a procrastinator is a difficult one. But someone has to do it. If not for my procrastination, Shawn would have nothing to challenge his patience. What kind of wife would I be if I didn't keep that potentially life-saving trait razor sharp? And were I not a procrastinator, he wouldn't have gotten a bag of potato chips (which he's been longing for but I never buy) in his lunch this morning. He would have had to eat Corn and Blackbean Salad (which he's been longing for but I don't make frequently enough.)

This new project is in the Downloadable Projects section on the Fiskars website. These projects are in PDF format and the photos are larger. If you ask me, photos can never be large enough. So I'm a little partial to the Downloadable Projects. This is my contribution.

cones finished

cones finished 2

And a bonus! We included the recipes for our baked goods.
cones pretzels finished
I'm sure you've all seen White Chocolate Pretzels. The reputation of the White Chocolate Pretzel being an amateur's recipe is quite unfortunate. It's actually a very esoteric recipe, best tackled by a professional procrastinator. If you decide to attempt this recipe, consider yourself warned. I cannot be held responsible for any unsatisfied feelings you punctual people may feel. The most euphoric feelings are achieved by waiting (unshowered with a week's worth of growth to your eyebrows and every pair of jeans you own still in the dirty clothes basket) until 1.5 hours before you are supposed to leave with your baked good in hand to begin making these.

Full instructions for making these fabric cones (inspired by this beautiful book)and the White Chocolate Pretzel Rods can be found here.

And now I'm off to tackle that list. I hope you all have wonderful, festive plans to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas day!

P.S. I blame all my personality flaws on the fact that my mother allowed me to eat Silver Dragees and the dentist to put amalgam fillings in my teeth. So please, do not allow your children to eat the pretty little silver balls on their baked goods. And only ceramic or composite fillings, please. Your reputation as a grandparent may one day depend on it.
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Kristi Smith said...

I love this! Great project and the colors are gorgeous!

Janet Perafan-Babar said...

LOVE it! SO pretty!!!!! :O

nancy said...

OH, the shame of my amalgam filling...
Gorgeous project!!!

LollyChops said...

You totally crack me up!

I wish I could come help you with those projects! What fun it would be to craft together!

oh and these pretzel sticks and pretty cone holder came out really pretty!!!

latisha said...

beautiful project! i love the colors...
my mother allowed me to eat silver dragees as a child, too. they are so pretty! i think they are illegal in my state though...

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