Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Want One?

***These have been adopted!***

Old terrible photos but I'm on a mad cleaning spree and don't have time to take new ones. I have 2 of these garlands. They've been stored in plastic bags since I got them back from Chatterbox over a year ago. First 2 people to email me their shipping address can each have one!

cbx garland

cbx garland inset 2

cbx garland inset
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LollyChops said...

OH OH OH!!!! Did I make it ? Did I make it???!!!!! hehe!

scrappysue said...

they look spectacular kendra!
suesnews at bullzone dot co dot nz

Courtney Walsh said...

I never should've sent these back to you Ishould've just stashed them and told you they got lost.

Course I'd be judged on that lie when I die and I'm not down with that so oh well... slipped through my fingers. (Literally!) :)

Just kidding. How are you?

Canda said...

I received my garland today! Thank you so much Kendra. It looks beautiful hanging in my scrap room.

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