Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12/365

Today's entry is short and sweet.

margie pearls jan 11 10
Will and I went to a local store called Margie Pearl's this afternoon. It's a fabric/notions store where I love to shop. Will is entertained by sifting through the huge buckets and old washtub filled with buttons. He looks for "diamonds" which happen to be those cheap, cheesy fake jewels.

While Will is preoccupied looking for treasures (including true treasures of wood buttons for me), I get to take my time looking through all the trims. These are trims that are not purchased new from a supplier. They are old crocheted trims, eyelet trims, sequined trims, lace, velvet ribbons, satin ribbons, any kind of trim you can imagine. And since they were picked up here and there at sales instead of purchased new, they are cheap, in addition to most of them being unique.

Today I picked up 39 yards of trims for $18. The most expensive trim I got was $2.50 a yard, the cheapest was $.05 a yard.

While I was standing, waiting for my trims to be cut, I noticed there was a bolt of some polk-a-dot fabric beckoning me. It's wanting to be made into something cute and fun. So I'll be heading back to Margie Pearl's soon. Very, very soon.
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Jennifer Stewart said...

Lucky YOU! I can't think of anything better. :)

momma_arch said...

I love love Margie Pearls!!! I have a very large assortment of trims and laces from there!!! We need to get together soon! Call me!

kl said...

get out!
i need to move.

City Mouse said...

I would LOVE to have a shop like that nearby!! Pure Heaven!!!

doris said...

oh.my.goodness. i want to come visit you so i can run my fingers through the button barrel and come home with a bag of happiness just like yours. sigh.

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