Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 18/365

I got a little lazy about my word "go" last weekend. This is how my day started off yesterday.
jan 18
That is SO 2009. And 2008. 2007, 6, 5, 4 . . . 1992. Since this is where I ended up by Monday morning after a weekend of procrastinating, my whole day was like this. At 2:55, I was standing in Wal Mart trying trying to decide what side dish and dessert to make for my bible study group last night. My to-do list between 2:55-5:20 when I was to leave was:

pick Caelan up from school at 3
make dinner for my family
make the side dish and dessert
do dishes so I didn't come home to de ja vu of my morning
finish the book we were reading for the bible study

I was 15 minutes late picking Caelan up
Chipotle Pork Stew was simmering on the stove when I left
the kitchen was clean
Cheesy Corn Casserole and killer Pinapple Cake left with me
I read the last page of the book as my ride pulled in the driveway

Too close for comfort to that unorganized girl that used to reside in me. It's such a distant memory in my mind. I sent her packing a whole month ago. If I could only go back to 1992 and tell that girl, "Do your dishes before bed and your whole life will be instantly transformed into a fairy tale existence."

Oh who am I kidding? This is what I woke up to this morning.
jan 18  2
But I still have 2 projects to do for Fiskars before tomorrow night. Old habits die hard. And since I haven't figured out where to redeem my empty-sink-in-the-morning tickets for a magic wand, I'm going to have to resign myself to continuing to work harder at this. And a late night tonight. But I'm not giving up!
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Kristi Smith said...

I cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets yesterday after I got home from work, so I feel pretty good about that.

However, I set the kitchen timer a half hour ago for an hour and a half to see how much cleaning I could get done and I have been on the 'puter ever since!

Go!!! :)

jkhenson said...

Your sink is my laundry room... if only these kids of ours (and we ;)) didn't make new dirty dishes/laundry everyday... then we could just check it off our to do list, at least for a week? ;) I have a super long to do list that I put off to have lunch with my hubby... but now I have less time... I totally sympathize with you!! :)

momma_arch said...

why is it that I do the dishes and clean the cabinets off and counters are bleached then I go to bed and wake up to a pile of dishes and a messy counter??? I'll tell you why, teenagers that stay up later than me. Would you like to trade kids??

scrappysue said...

whoever thought a sink full of dirty dishes could be so artful kendra!

LollyChops said...

I have decided that I need to move in with you. I don't mind doing dishes and if I had a sink like that with a faucet that fabulous I would be there every day taking care of things for ya! Scrubbing McCracken pots and pans in that beauty would be a dream! Totally not kidding.

heygillian said...

I. Love. That. Sink.

Heck, I'd even take the dirty dishes. Holy smokes. Gorgeous, Kendra!


Kendra said...

I just added cleaning my cabinets to my to-do list, darn you, Kristi!

jk, I never even dream of an empty laundry basket.

Thank you, Sue!

Kelly, when I was writing this, I almost added that I bet you didn't ever go to bed with dirty dishes in your sink!

Lolly and G, they sell these at Lowe's and Home Depot. They're Composite Granite and I love mine!

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