Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 2/365

I used my 2010 word, go, for this one. I took it on Day 3 but quickly decided it was OK to use it for Day 2 because I did, indeed, drink cocoa from this very mug yesterday. It counts.

jan 2 10 hot cocoaMy new favorite mug, given to me by my friend, Karen, filled with my favorite drink, hot cocoa. Thank you, Karen! Cocoa definitely tastes better when sipped from an Anthropologie mug!
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Jennifer said...

Lovely posts today, Kendra, I love your sense of humour. Fell about laughing over the mother in law's dress sense.

I too make ham for my family every New Year's day. Somewhat challenging now that I live in the Middle East and the search for ham must be undertaken with the utmost discretion in a secret cave at the back of my supermarket that has a big sign at the entrace "NO MUSLIMS ALLOWED". Eventually found a huge thing called GAMMON which is actually what a leg of ham looks like BEFORE it is cooked. So what usually takes a half hour to simply glaze took 3 hours to boil (in gingerale!) and then another hour to cool, strip skin off and glaze. So worth it.

Kendra said...

lol! You must REALLY like ham, Jennifer. It sounds like you put your life at risk for it!

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