Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 3/365

Will's Lego pile jan 3 09
We all have battles we just know to expect to face every day. This is mine. He dumps his entire Lego collection out in the middle of his bedroom floor nearly every day. This isn't the full collection.

Will's Lego pile 5 jan 3 09
There is also the "special parts" pile.

And then there are the completed sets he has setting around his room. Some are on the top of his book shelf. Some are on the bottom of his bookshelf. Some are on his dresser. Some are on his floor.

The dumping part takes him 30 seconds. It takes us a little longer. After we hear the crash (you'd think we'd know to anticipate it by now), it takes about 5 minutes for our rattled nerves to calm.

Will's Lego pile 3  jan 3 09
Please ignore his jeans. They are his favorite jeans and I've been unable to convince him that they make him look like his parents shove bread and water under his bedroom door and let him out only to scrub the floors. I think he's just so excited that he now owns a pair of jeans that fit him in the waist without the need for a belt. If anyone says anything, I'll just say he gets his dressing habits from his grandma.

This is how he starts the clean up process each night. This stage causes him to "accidentally" push quite a few of them under his bed.

Will's Lego pile 2  jan 3 09
Then out comes the dust pan. This gem of an idea came from my mother-in-law. What she lacks in fashion sense, she more than makes up for in housekeeping skills. She can keep house like nobody's business. And the dustpan idea has cut my battle time in half each night.

This photo also reveals my inability to see the whole picture when I'm taking photos. I didn't realize you can see my flash and one of my Pocket Wizards (that I hope to really learn how to use this year) on the bed.

Will's Lego pile 4  jan 3 09
This photo reveals my inability to see the whole story when I'm taking photos. It's the last photo I took of the process. I forgot to take a photo of how fabulous his room looked once he finished. Then again, I'm always so worn out mentally from nagging about doing the job right, it's no wonder I forgot.

caelan's room jan 3 09
But I've learned it's a daily battle worth fighting. Although at 14 it changes from tiny toys to clothing, this is the extent of Caelan's mess, closet included. I haven't decided if this "mess" is rebellion or self-preservation, not wanting the other kids to think he's too weird. He's already at a disadvantage with his mother who sniffs things. And his grandma with the Ugg gardening boots and kooky hat collection. And his dad's zeal for estate sales. And. . . he should just give up that hope now.
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kim said...

I remember getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stepping on those #$! things.Just wait your next battle will be getting them to shower and brush their teeth ??? BOYS ???

Danielle said...

your journaling cracks me up! oh the endless toy messes...i deal with that daily too. love the dust pan idea! makes it fun to clean up too!:) (as fun as cleaning can be - ug)

Amelia said...

This post made me chuckle; I can so relate! My boys' strewn-about Legos are neverending; and it's always the darn tiny pieces that get on my nerves as they get left behind during pack-up time and no matter what, they just can't be spotted. Then days later, one by one they start magically re-appearing. Vacuuming time is when my love-hate fest with Lego gets especially rough, hehheh.

Vel said...

RJ has almost that many too...as well as the knex things all made and set up around his room. We just cleaned every single thing out of his room Saturday and I didn't take a pic either. I'm running up there right now! ;)

Kristi Smith said...

Holy Cow, that is a lot of legos.

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