Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 364/365

I'll have several entries on my blog today so I apologize in advance if you use something like Google Reader to check my blog. I just think it's an easier read if the entries are broken up by topic rather than making one long entry.

dec 30 09
A few photos from our last snow day. Everyone gets excited when Shawn gets the 4-wheeler out on snow days. Not the greatest photo since it was one of the first I took and hadn't figured out my camera settings yet. They don't exactly offer (or even agree) to wait for me to get things figured out before they start having fun! And that's fine. I'd rather have some imperfect photos that are genuine than some crisper staged photos.

dec 30 09 shawn and caelan
I don't know how many shots I got of the boys being pulled behind the 4-wheeler. I have plenty to choose from, from all different angles. I even got some wipe-out photos but this was the best. Loved how Caelan was laughing so hard. He's 14 so I don't get to see that as often as I'd like. It's not cool to smile or laugh too hard, you know.

dec 30 09 will
My cutie-patootie. His favorite nickname. It's the only time he's allowed to clobber me and tackle me to the floor to whoop on me.

We tease him mercilessly about this "hat." We call it his terrorist hood. He doesn't care so it must be really warm. My mother-in-law bought it for him and when you see the next photo, it will all make sense.

dec 30 09 linda and boys
This is my mother-in-law with the boys. She's not so great at picking out hats. You should see her gardening hat. She wears it with her Uggs to garden in July and August. The first time I saw her pull her bare foot out of her Ugg boot after gardening, I said, "I can't believe you don't wear socks with those!" One would think I would have said, "I can't believe you're wearing Uggs in July and consider them to be gardening boots." But I've known her for 22 years so that really didn't surprise me. So when I mentioned she wasn't wearing socks, she replied, "I HATE socks! The only time I wear socks is with my sandals in the winter." Go figure.

Lest you think I'm being mean and picking on my mother-in-law, I'm not. We tease each other all the time. She's OK with it. She makes me feel very secure with who I am, especially when I'm unsure of my clothing choice. All I have to do is stand next to her and she makes me instantly feel like a runway model.
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Julie Hickey said...

Let your MIL know she has a kindred spirit in Ontario :) I HATE socks too! LOL

Kristi Smith said...

I read these entries earlier but had commented yet. LOVE these pics, esp. the 2nd one. They are fabulous, I don't care what you say. :P

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