Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 365/365

Final day of my first year with Project 365. I'll definitely be doing it again. I didn't do a photo every day. I remember being so impressed that Debbie only missed one day last year and that was my goal. It ended up being too stressful for me and took the fun out of it so I didn't worry when I missed days. Debbie, your pedestal got a little taller this year!

I didn't get many photos of New Year's Eve. We always spend New Year's Eve at home. Shawn usually takes the boys out on the driveway at midnight to shoot off fireworks but it was bitter cold this year. We stayed inside and watched movies, played Pitch, and ate way too much food.

New Years Eve 09 shawn cutting ham
This is the part where I stopped pouting and being mad at Shawn. He ended up giving in and cutting the ham. Neither of us likes to cut the ham. The difference is when he gave in, he didn't pout and get mad at me.

New Years Eve 09 will and ham
I make this ham every year for New Years Day.

New Years Eve 09 will and ham 2
It's Emeril's Whiskey-Cola glazed ham and it is to die for. We are always so miserable by the end of the day, trying to eat everything I fix. This year I fixed most of the food on New Years Eve, giving us 33 hours to stuff our faces instead of the usual 12.

New Years Eve 09 fruits and veggies
This year, I served everything in glass dishes. I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out. They wouldn't notice if I served everything in the pans I cooked it all in but I'm a girl so I like for everything to look like I cared a bit about how it looked when I served it but I don't want to pay for matching serving dishes for the once or twice a year I use them. And I don't want to store them. Glass was the answer.

I bought these little trifle bowls at Wal Mart for $2 each. They are now in my scrapbook room. Cheap, double duty, and I don't have to worry about finding a place to store them. I also bought a couple of big trifle bowls when they went on clearance for $6 each. Again, they make awesome scrapbook room storage! Using my new collection of trifle bowls made my clear glass Pyrex containers I used for everything else look like they were invited to the party instead of crashing it.

So glass cheap glass containers are now at the top of my flea market/garage sale search list.

New Years Eve 09 will tv
And a final photo of Will on the couch downstairs watching Star Trek. It baffles me why he can choose from countless quilts my mother-in-law has made for us over the years yet he likes this blanket that's so ugly I don't even yell at the dogs when I find them sleeping on it.

Hope you all had a Happy New Year!
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