Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8/365

trudy in recliner jan 8 10_0338

This one is for my husband who wants everyone to know I lost. I lost the battle over whether or not Trudy should be allowed to sleep in the new La-Z-Boy. He swore I must have yelled at her when the new furniture was delivered. He's spent the first 5 weeks after we got it saying, "Trudy, do you want in your chair?" As she walked by, uninterested, she'd get a pet on the head and a, "Mommy yelled at you, didn't she? Poor Trudy." She'd take it all in, squinting her eyes and looking pitiful. When he wasn't looking, she'd stick her tongue out at me.

For the record, I did not ever yell at her. It was even better than that. I didn't have to do a thing to keep her out of it. I was gloating a bit that it appeared I was going to win the battle by unforseen circumstances, through no effort of my own. But much to my dismay, she got over her Princess-and-the-pea syndrom and decided she would deal with the fact that the new La-Z-Boy is not a big-man's chair like the last one.

I may have to resort to unscrupulous war tactics. I'm thinking showing her the dog shampoo bottle (when Shawn's not looking) every time she climbs up there. Or taking a bite out of her dog biscuit before I give it to her. Maybe I'll knock on the window and yell, "I see you!" when she's trying to hide in the side yard to poop. Or I could just concede and admit it's been sad the past 6 weeks to see her missing out on one of her greatest joys in life, sleeping in a comfy chair. It's just doesn't seem right to look over and see the chair empty. Don't tell Shawn but I agree she sure looks cute. And leather is easy to clean.
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momma_arch said...

Why did you get rid of her Special chair?? She had it all broke in and comfy. I vote to bring back Trudy' s old chair!!

Kendra said...

Trudy's old chair is downstairs now. I don't think she likes it as much since I steam cleaned it! It smells different. ; )

Kristi Smith said...

Cuz it stinks, momma arch. lol

I know, I struggle with this all the time. T-Bone loves to lay on the very top of my red chair, which smushes the pillow top (and it is connected to the chair). He looks so cute and comfy on there but I hate to have to replace that chair!!! And company will never want to sit on it if it starts to look any worse. What to do, what to do!

Love that photo.

Liz said...

awwwwww, she looks so sweet!!! How could you be so mean as to watch her poop when she is trying to be bashful, shame on you!!!

doris said...

oh i love this photo! gorgeous!

Susan said...

I laughed out loud... seriously! Many years ago, our Australian Shepherd, took over our big leather chair. At first, we would tell her to get down, then we decided what the heck, let her have a chair too! Everyone knew it was her chair when they came over! Trudy looks perfect in the chair!

Jacquie said...

You are so mean Kendra...poor Trudy looks like she belongs in that chair! We used to show our dog, Ivy, the toenail clipper (stored it in the end table drawer) when we wanted her off the furniture.

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