Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 9/365

We made a trip back to KC this weekend to see my grandparents. My grandpa has been having some health problems and is possibly facing surgery sometime this week so I wanted to be sure to get to visit with him a bit before he goes in.

Normally when we stay with them, Caelan has a bedroom to himself while Shawn, Will, and I share a king-size bed in another room. This time, the bedroom Caelan normally sleeps in was being used by one of my aunts who is staying with my grandparents, driving them back and forth to doctor's appointments.

My grandma loves it when we come to visit. She buys the boys little treats, the same kinds of things she used to buy for my sister and me when we were little. She fills their little egos up with compliments and makes sarcastic jokes because it makes Caelan laugh at her. She cleans up after them and never yells at them.

This time around, she wanted Caelan to still have a room to himself so she cleaned out my uncle's old bedroom, which I'm sure was quite a task. It's become the catch-all for all the things that she's going to "put away later" and her clothes which she stores on a portable garment rack. The poor thing doesn't have any room to store them in a closet. Her 3 other closets are already full.

When we walked into the room, Caelan said, "I don't want to sleep in here." I asked why and he pointed to this.

jan 9 10   monkey
And I couldn't help but laugh! And agree. That mouth is a little freaky.

I knew the real reason is he has a thing about sleeping in beds other people have slept in. When he was little, we made the mistake of letting him watch the 60 minutes special where they secretly inspected hotel rooms. He didn't enjoy, in the least, his first stay in a hotel last summer. He asked if he could sleep on the floor and when I explained that, believe it or not, the bed was cleaner than the floor, he still wanted to sleep on the floor. Maybe I need to contact 60 Minutes and ask them to do a special on hotel room floors.

Instead of sleeping in my uncle's old room with the freaky monkey, he slept on the floor in our room which is right next door. Our room is full of dolls. Dolls like this one.
jan 9 10 doll

And then there's this one he found when he pulled out a little dresser to get to the electical outlet to plug in his iPod.
jan 9 10 doll 2

After seeing the physical state of these dolls, I decided maybe his gut feeling about that monkey was right. I think he's nothing but trouble.

So we were all one big, happy family, Calean protected from the savage monkey and Will safely tucked away out of reach of the lady in the basement whose eyes follow him wherever he goes.
jan 9 10 scary lady
Give it a test. He's right!

My grandparents must keep their guardian angels very busy living in that house.
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Kristi Smith said...

lol, that is funny. I had no clue you had made Caelan so oc about germs. ;) Because you know, I have not caused any of my son's quirky ways!!! :) I can't remember where he slept at our house. I am assuming it was the floor.

I would be scared of those dolls!!!

I like the picture of the woman. She is kind of sexy. Maybe it will grow on Will, how does Caelan feel about it? lol

I hope Grandpa does okay this week, keep me updated. Been saying my prayers for him.

Conniecap said...

I used to have a stuffed monkey like that when I was younger. It came with a pacifier-hence the funky mouth.

LollyChops said...

These pics are simply stunning! I love the depth and color! Just amazing!

Jacquie said...

OK, this post totally made me LOL. This could be my grandma's house too. Scary broken dolls, freaky paintings and stuffed critters. Thanks for the laugh

Kendra said...

lol! Kristi, I'll have to ask Caelan what he thinks. I thought she was pretty, too, but this is in their basement. It's really dark down there so it does look a little creepy.

That makes sense, Conniecap. Thanks!

Thanks Lolly and Jacquie!

Liz said...

Ok, this is creepy!!! I wouldn't want to sleep there either. However, I hope your grandparents don't get on your blog!! They might have their feelings hurt, you mean ole thing!!!! :>)))

Liz in MO said...

Oh also, if you ever come to my house, please don't pull out my dressers. . . who knows what lurks back there, and I really don't want you to disturb the ga-nom-mees (what we call the gnomes that live in your dust bunnies in your house, belly buttons, bottom of purses etc.) that live here!

Liz in MO said...

Oh, liz and liz in mo are the same person, modified my google account in the space of a few minutes there!!

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