Monday, January 25, 2010

New Fiskars Project!

I had a wonderfully full, yet relaxed, weekend with my family so I haven't posted photos for a few days. I hope to get caught up tomorrow. Today was another full day, returning Christmas gifts, "big grocery shopping" day, the orthodontist, fun things like that. I managed to sneak in a far-too-short trip to Hobby Lobby. I have a new hobby in mind. Because I need another hobby! So for today, I have photos of a layout from the Fiskars website to share with you. It's a 2 page layout and while I still love to create them, I don't like that I can't share giant photos of the full layout!

squirrely layout finished
I'll share a few close-ups.

First the title.
squirrely layout title
Typical of me, it acts as title and journaling so it's spread across the whole layout.

squirrely layout tree for blog
More title and a patchwork tree.

squirrely layout squirrel for blog
And the squirrel. I haven't shown this layout to Shawn but I'm laughing to myself as I think about what I know he would say. The tree, squirrel, and acorn are not proportional. I think that makes is fun and charming but it would bother him. Which reminds me of something Caelan said in the car this weekend. He said, "If you guys would have used Eharmony, they never would have matched you two up in a million years."

I am completely in love with the Woodland Tree template from Fiskars. I've already used it to create some of my favorite projects. And I think this quilt, using the Woodland Tree Template to make appliques, is absolutely adorable. It's my favorite thing I've seen made using the template.

To get instructions and a sketch for my layout today, you can go to here!
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Kristi Smith said...

Love this one! So cute! Love that little squirrel.

So what is the new hobby and who went to the ortho? :)

Pam said...

That tree is amazing!

Jayna said...

I love this! It's really awesome!!

Micayla said...

OOOh it is so pretty....I love what you have done with the fabric.

tina said...

Isn't it great to see our parents as grandkids... I mean as grandparents :)

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