Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 33/365

cyclamen feb 2 10
This one is short and sweet. A pretty new Cyclamen. My very favorite houseplant. And one that, although it brings great joy to my life, also always quickly brings sorrow and frustration. I cannot grow these. I try every single year and without fail, I kill them within a couple of weeks. I've read all the growing instructions that say don't get water on the corm or it will rot. I've read to keep it in a cool place. I've read to keep the soil moist. Something I didn't read until this year, though, water it daily. Daily? Really. Being the stubborn one that I am when it comes to failure, I'm trying again with a new trick up my sleeve. Daily care. Cross your fingers for me!
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Ginny said...

The cyclamen is beautiful. I love them too & never could keep them alive. We spend the winters in Savannah & guess what. Cyclamen grow outside. I couldn't believe it. I even took it home to Indiana & kept it alive until July in a pot on the back porch!

Anonymous said...

i got a cyclamen last year and repotted it into a self watering pot-the kind you fill from below. it works! over the summer it looked kind of sad but it rebounded and looks great right now. i do keep it a little cool but definitely have not babied it..

jkhenson said...

Love the photo and the determination! :)

staceykingman said...

I can't grow them either!

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