Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 34/365

frozen fog
When I got up yesterday morning, I looked out the window, saw all the trees covered in white and thought, "More snow? It wasn't in the forecast. I'm so tired of snow." A more thorough inspection of the landscape left me realizing that the driveway was still clear and there was no accumulation on the cars so I figured it must be frozen fog.

One good thing about doing Project 365 is that it's making me pay more attention to my surroundings. I decided a photo of a tree branch covered in the white stuff would be my photo for the day. But when I got close enough to take the photo, I discovered frozen fog is not just ice on the branches. It freezes into millions of little needles all over everything. It's simply beautiful. Unless you're an 8 year old boy who thinks they are snow thorns. Then you have the overwhelming desire to, instead of admiring their beauty, smash them all to smithereens. One man's smash is another man's treasure. I think it's best if I go away now. I feel like throwing a tomato at myself.
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Anonymous said...

snow thorns - love it!

doris said...

total coolness!

jkhenson said...

I LOVE this photo! Such a great photographer!! :)

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