Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 35/365

thrift finds
Love a good and cheap thrifting day!

While I don't like that it seems every time I find an old book with a cover image I like, the cover is this awful orange color, I couldn't pass this one up. I miss those days of a little one walking between us, holding our hands and laughing so hard he can't breathe as we swing him. I'm thinking some reminiscing in written and photo form is likely with this one.

That gawdy yellow basket, I have big, cool plans for that one. It will eventually make an appearance (after its extreme makeover) on the Fiskars website.

And lots of pretty, vintage beads that appear to once have been strung on necklaces, as well as some beautiful pink sequins. I need to make another trip when I have more time to look through all the vials that were in the box!

Pretty sure my best find was the pom-pom window valance. 75 cents. The window in my scrapbook room needs some dressing up. After adding some touches of color, it may do the trick. If not, it will find its home, in smaller picecs, on many projects.

thrift finds 2
And I lied. This was my best find. Yes, it's ugly! However . . .

woolly embroidery
I found this book at the library a couple of weeks ago. While there are only 3-4 projects in it that I liked enough to want to make, it's great for someone (me) who wants to learn how to crewel. But I've had the book for almost a month and haven't made the time to go looking online for embroidery wool. I found this complete kit (it even includes the needle) at the thrift store for $2. Now I don't have to stress over picking the right colors and bother with transferring the pattern. For $2, it doesn't matter what it looks like when I'm finished.

I already incorporate some embroidery into my projects but this will force me to practice more than just backstitches, french knots and seed stitches which, because they are quick and easy, I rely on too frequently. This isn't something I'll actually be in love with when I'm finished and I definitely won't be making it into the pillow it's intended to be. For one thing, the material is cheap, cheap, cheap. But I will have found a great bargain, learning how to do this for 2 bucks. And I'll probably chop it into individual squares and use them as they work into other projects.

So my total expense for the day? $6!

I'll be back later to announce the winner of the drawing for the memo board and bowl. If you're not already entered, get on it!
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LollyChops said...

Oh how happy I am to see your crewel book and kit! Crewel is one of my very most favorite things ever!!!!

Cannot wait to see what you come up with!!!!

Liz in MO said...

Hey, if you ever get near El dorado Springs, there is a store called Ehlers, right on 54, next to the bowling alley, they have tons of embroidery etc. stuff, along with just about anything else you might need. They are kind of an old style variety store. They just expanded their craft stuff. Just FYI, plus there are some good flea markets, give me a call and we will go.

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