Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 37/365

chipotle feb 6 2
There's not really much I can say about these photos.

I took them on Saturday during a nice evening out with my boys running errands in KC. Library. Thrift stores. (We all came away with nothing.) Michaels. (Nothing.) Sephora to buy Frederick Fekkai hair color (Sephora stores in KC don't sell hair color, contrary to what their website makes you believe.)

Leave it to me to choose something difficult to find! I analyze everything to death (which usually leaves me finding some obscure choice requiring online ordering) and coloring my hair has been no exception. It happened with our area rugs. And my pot rack. And the furniture I wanted but Shawn said, "No, we are not buying furniture sight unseen!" I already knew better when I asked. When I was pregnant with Caelan and we went crib shopping, the sales lady was a little unsure what to say when Shawn hopped in the crib and jumped up and down on the springs. He'll love me for sharing that with you all. (ETA: Shawn says he didn't climb in the crib and his memory is usually better than mine. But I know there was some unusual testing of the springs that left the sales lady stopped dead in her spiel, speechless.)

chipotle feb 6
Anyhoo, I'm afraid of coloring my hair myself but I can't justify the expense of having it done in a salon anymore. The girl who was doing it cheap can't do it anymore so I've spent countless hours researching at-home hair coloring. I'm not sure if the $30 price tag (if it costs more, it must mean less chance of failure) or the overall great reviews have sold me on trying this brand. All I know is I have 6 months of roots (which Caelan "affectionately" calls my skunk-stripe) sticking out of my scalp so it's time to say, "GO!" and do something about it.

chipotle feb 6 3
See! I started out writing that there's not much to say about these photos and I've ended up at hair color. That definitely has nothing to do with these photos! Where I was going is the boys were awesome to travel around with me for a couple of hours, running errands I know bored them out of their skulls. Not a complaint from either one and not a bit of picking at one another so I took them to Chipotle for dinner. We don't have Chipotle anywhere near Bolivar so Caelan thinks it's a real treat to eat there.

chipotle feb 6 4
Even though it's a treat, I'm still cheap-o. Cups of water instead of pop. I don't really mind buying it for them when we go out to eat fast food but we always try to make them think about purchases instead of being impulse buyers. At their young ages, candy and pop and ice cream are great tools for teaching them how to do that. If we're out getting ice cream, I pay for a basic sundae. If they want something more expensive, they can pay the difference. When I take them out to eat fast food, I tell them I'll buy their dinner and if they want pop, they are welcome to spend their own money on it. We all ended up with cups of water in front of us!

And then it was off to visit with my grandparents. My grandpa's kidney removal has been moved up to February 16. If any of you would be willing to keep him in your prayers for a couple of weeks, I'd be very grateful.

Hope you all had a wonderful Super Bowl weekend!
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Jensamom23 said...

What a great way to teach your boys to make decisions regarding what they truly want and are willing to spendmoney on! Prayers are also with you for your Grandpa.


gscrapbooks said...

I had the same hair coloring issue and finally did it myself - after years of paying someone else to do it. It turned out pretty good actually, my husband didn't realize I had done it myself so I guess that says something. I used Garnier Nutrisse.

Sending prayers for your Grandfather! :-)

Courtney Walsh said...

You are so right. I need to consider at-home coloring. It's SO expensive!! I would be terrified of messing it up though! Let me know how it goes!

oh, and now I'm hungry for Chipotle and I don't even like it! lol :) Great shots!

jkhenson said...

I love the spending idea!! Will be practicing that at our house! :))

And will also be praying for your grandpa!!

Weekend went fast at our house, even with all our snow (so much time spent shoveling? :)) Hope yours went well.

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