Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 38/365

menu feb 7
This one didn't turn out quite like I hoped. I tried taking a shot of it straight-on and it looked boring. And I didn't want you all to see how terrible my handwriting is when I use a dry-erase marker. So I tried several different angles, got bored with trying, and finally settled on this one.

Once I started editing it, I realized I should have gotten the magnetic clip in focus, too. But I didn't feel like taking it over again so we'll just call it a learning opportunity. Having a permanent visual reference of our mistakes reinforces the learning. It also reinforces our laziness.

When I was finished, I thought it was kind of silly that I was more concerned about it looking artsy-fartsy than I was about anyone being able to see what it actually is. If you think out of the arsty-fartsy part of your mind like I do, you understand and it doesn't really matter what it is. If you think out of the practical part of your brain, well, you've probably used your deductive reasoning skills to figure out by now that it's . . . a menu!

This is one of the little things that makes my husband happy. This way, he knows whether to be excited or disappointed when he sits down to the table for a meal. It also makes me run my house more smoothly. Anything that makes my house run more smoothly is a good thing. And even if my husband isn't excited about the meal I'm getting ready to set before him, he's still thrilled at my improved organization. So I can't lose with this one.

I keep it really simple. On Sunday afternoon, I sit down with my list of meals and fill out a menu for the entire week. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's nothing fancy. I printed off a chart in Word that has the days of the week running vertically down the table, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner across the top of it. I covered it with an adhesive laminating sheet (you can buy a huge box of them at Sam's Club) and use a dry erase marker to fill it all in.

I rarely adhere to it 100%. But if I find I have to skip making roast on roast night because of an unplanned afternoon activity that prevents me from getting it in the oven when I need to, I already have the ingredients for a quicker dish on my menu in my refrigerator. How do I know this? Because I did all my shopping for the week on Monday. So I just rearrange my meals.

You can't go wrong with a menu, regardless of whether you're controlled by the artsy-fartsy or the practical part of your brain.
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Kristi Smith said...

But I never know what I want to eat until 4:30, I don't think a menu would work for me. It has to sound good to me. I know it is a time waster but that is "moi"!

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