Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 39/365

A few weeks back, Will and I went to lunch with my friend, Jenifer. We'd gone to lunch with her several weeks before and, that day, they became fast friends. She'd let him pick where we ate (BK.) Then she told him how much she loved where we ate. As we were getting in the car to leave, he said, "I really like her. That was fun!" Will does not ever admit to liking anyone of the female persuasion so to not only admit, but to confess it without a bit of prodding and a big smile on his face was more than just a little bit surprising.

Before we finished up our lunch at Wendy's (she let him choose again) a few weeks ago, she told Will we'd get together again and she'd play Legos with him. He's pestered me about it constantly ever since. He's always game for a Lego buddy!

I finally got around to dragging my hermit butt out of the house on Monday to let her make good on that promise to play Legos. Will fretted all morning over which Lego box he'd take. He wanted to take the entire collection and after a battle of will's we settled on 1 box, a small plastic shoe box with the tank he'd built and wanted to show off, and a back pack with some extra parts in it. He tried to lay on the guilt and said, "Well, I'm taking my special parts box but I'm afraid we won't be able to build anything. We just won't have enough parts." This was followed by a big sigh and a peek from the corners of his down-turned eyes. Cute, yes. Effective, no.

jen and will lego beauty shop feb 8 10
After lunch (she introduced him to Cheeseburger Doritos), Jenifer sat down on the floor with him and said, "What should I build?"
Will gave his standard response of, "Build whatever you want."
So she decided to build . . . a beauty salon chair? He has a great sense of humor and giggled at the idea. He watched her for a few minutes until she asked how she could make it spin.

jen and will lego beauty shop 2 feb 8 10
He jumped right in, grabbing parts and making changes. As he was rebuilding it, he said, "How about if we put a saw blade on it?" She said, "OOoooo! Good idea! We can use it to cut their toenails." These two were hysterical from that point on, scheming up plans for what they eventually dubbed the Saw VII Beauty Salon.

jen and will lego beauty shop 3 feb 8 10
First, Will decided the ladies should have a seat warmer. Will thinks he wants to be an engineer when he grows up. It's moments like this when I find myself thinking I just might change my mind and let him grow up and move to Massachusetts to attend MIT. Imagine life with no cold seats. This day, the seat warmer was quickly ditched when he couldn't find his Lego flames to add to the back of the chair.

jen and will lego beauty shop 4 feb 8 10
Jenifer began construction on the hair dryer.

jen and will lego beauty shop 8 feb 10
It's power was so impressive, Will decided they needed a chain to keep the client from blowing away.

jen and will lego beauty shop 5 feb 8 10
Will took charge of the hair cutting implements.

jen and will lego beauty shop 7 feb 8 10
And my recent pre-occupation with hair coloring made me chime in and ask about their services. Turns out they have a new process they use that involves a paint ball gun. It's located next to the display of hairstyle options. No books or posters here. You get to see what you'll look like before they ever start. Which would you choose? They have a couple of nice helmet head options.

jen and will lego beauty shop 6 feb 8 10
Of course, we can't forget where it all begins! The hair-washing station. I'm thinking they should hire a pastor/hairdresser and do baptism hairstyling. Or maybe offer waterboarding services.

jen and will lego beauty shop 8 feb 10
If you'd like to make an appointment, shoot me an email. Jenifer did go to school to be a hairdresser. She opted to discontinue her education prior to finishing when she found out she had a wee one growing inside her. I promise it had absolutely nothing to do with the incident where she accidentally poured fingernail polish remover, instead of shampoo, on one of her client's hair.

While they're waiting to build up their clientele, they've already begun scheming for their next Lego construction so stay tuned. It's a nursing home complete with rocket powered wheel chairs.
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Jenifer W (Operator at Saw VII Beauty Salon) said...

Kendra I love it !! =) I had a great time and I am looking forward to the next get together. If you get any takers on appointments let me know. (The finger nail polish thing..well,I was experimenting) Will and I can get our schedules to work out to fit them in =) I know we are going to be a huge success !!

momma_arch said...

That is too funny, I may have to break out of my home cutting and coloring and make an appt. Although the saw thing does kinda make me a little nervous! Hi Jen!!! Miss you girls, someday I will come out of hibernation too.

Liz in MO said...

That's just a little scary!!!

Kristi Smith said...

Wow, they are too creative. I love the creations. Will is something else! One smart cookie.

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