Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 57/365

I'm disappointed that I missed taking a photo 3 days in a row. I actually missed 4 days since I took this Saturday but am using it as Fridays photo. I had the photo set up on Friday night and decided I was too tired to mess with anything beyond that and just went to bed.

feb 26
More fantastic finds from my shopping on Friday. And they all happen to fit in perfectly with the project I'll be working on today! I found the books for 50 cents each at a thrift store. The fabric is my best find of the day. Will and I went to Springfield with Shawn when he worked on Friday so I could get things I needed at Sam's Club. As I was driving down the same road I've driven down every single time I've gone to Springfield for the last 7 years, I looked over and saw a fabric/trim store I'd never noticed before. I'm not sure how it is I'd never seen it before but I know I'll never miss it again!

The outside of the building is completely unimpressive, thus my oblivion to its existince for the last 7 years. Inside I found bolt after bolt after bolt of fabric. Most were 54" wide and most $7 or less per yard. I bought these lovely ruffled pink and gree fabrics and also picked up a couple of different colors of dupioni silk that I can't wait to work into something.

And the fabrics from my last post? I finished my projects using them and can't wait until they appear on the Fiskars website so I can share them with you. So bright and cheery and fun! And very functional. I'll be posting photos and a link soon.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
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jkhenson said...

I love love love the green fabric!! :) I cannot wait to see what you create with these and your clever mind! :)) Glad to see a post-it's ok about the photos, you were living life! :)) How's Grandpa doing?

Amy said...
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Stahl Family said...

I LOVE this fabric!!! Wish I could find so me of that in my area, I have great ideas going through my head for using that. Do you know what they called the fabric.

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