Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Fiskars Project!

A couple of projects I made for the Fiskars booth at CHA.
birdhouse 4
The idea for these little pinecone birds came from the December 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living.

birdhouse 2
My job was to demonstrate the new Lasting Love stamp set. I would share the link to the set on the website so you could see all of stamps but the web team is working on moving content from the old site to the new site and this set is not appearing on the site yet.

birdhouse 3
I'm sure you get the idea from these photos, though! I filled 2 of the windows of this bird house (bird gazebo?) with vellum panels on which I stamped with sentiment stamps from the new stamp set and Fiskars High Density Pigment Ink in Still of the Night(black.) Did you know Fiskars ink pads hold twice as much ink as most ink pads? I didn't know that but it says so right on the new label! I got a shipment last week of all the new stamps and the 2 new ink colors. I'm dying to try out the new color, Copper Kettle.

birdhouse 5
It's a little difficult to see in the photo but I made a little rug using the new Budding Flower Corner Lever Punch. Again, it's not on the new site yet but these punches have a great feature. They're designed to be corner punches so they have the traditional guides to square your paper in the punch. The neat thing is those guides can be removed so you can also use it as a traditional punch, as I did here.

And, for you little detail checkers out there, I did go back after I took these photos and fixed the little curtains so there isn't a gap between the post and the edge of the curtain.

card 1
And a card using the stamp set, as well as the new Photo Corner Corner Lever Punch. Say that three times fast! Any time I hear someone say, "Say that three times fast!" I think of my father-in-law who always tries to get people to say, "How many sheets does a sheet slitter slit?" three times fast. He's 70 going on 10.

That's it for today! I promise, no more blog entries for at least 24 hours. But be sure to check back sometime tomorrow evening because tomorrow is the day I draw a winner for the magenetic memo board and the funky-cool owl bowl. Don't foget to enter if you haven't already.
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LollyChops said...

LOVE this little bird house! You know me... I love all things bird related.

Ok so I gotta go see what giveaway you are talking about! I have been missing out on the fun!


Cathy said...

Beautiful projects.

I love it when there 70 going on 10. I do believe that will be my hubby!!

Birgit said...

LOVE that cute little bird house! Great stamps too :)

Pam said...

OMGosh you kill me! I seriously am in awe AGAIN!!!!

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