Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 61/365

will and amanda

I looked in the living room earlier this morning to let Will know it was time to start school and saw this. They were watching Animal Planet. I was working on a project for the Fiskars website so luckily I had my camera and flash all set up. I wish I'd felt confident that I had time to adjust for more depth of field so Amanda would be more in focus. But she's a dog and saying, "Sit still and don't move!" like you would do with a person incites the exact opposite reaction. They tend to get excited and start wagging their tail and panting and running around the room. At least that's the way it works with Irish Setters.

I have a little something fun to share with you all! Amy Stahl asked me to join her team at Frost It Pink. So I'll be designing projects for her which, if you like, you can purchase a kit complete with instructions and photos to make for yourself. If you have any suggestions for the kinds of projects you'd like to see there or paticular product lines you like to projects made from, please leave me a comment or email me.

And, if you haven't been to the Fiskars website lately, you should jump over there and check it out. The site has been completely redesigned and looks fantastic. It has a crisp, professional look to it, which I'm loving. The photos really stand out against the white background and we have the ability to make them much larger in our project postings now. They're still working on getting the old content moved over to the new site so there aren't a lot of projects on there right now. BUT, it is National Craft Month and it also happens to be one of our Project of the Day months. So by the end of March, there will be at least 31 new projects! And I have an article using those bright, happy yellow and red and blue fabrics I shared last week that should be posting soon. I think I mentioned I'm excited about that one!

Time for me to get back to my little pile of pretty mismatched fabrics I'm working with today!
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scrappysue said...

love it!

Matt Nicolosi said...

What a great image, Kendra. A boy and his dog... such a great moment. And the fact that they're watching Animal Planet, well... that's just too good to be true.

BTW, you're Project 365 effort is impressive. It's annoying me and making me feel guilty for barely posting something once a week, but impressive nonetheless.

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